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Re: [PHP] Str to Int

Posted by Ray Hauge on 01/21/06 01:04

You should be able to typecast the variable like so:

$cardID = (int)$cardID;

You can also check which type it is showing up as with the function gettype():

Optionally you could use settype() to change the type of the variable:


Ray Hauge
Programmer/Systems Administrator
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On Friday 20 January 2006 03:53 pm, Ron Eggler (Paykiosks) wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to do a type cast from string to int in folllowing code:
> [php]
> <getPIN cardID="'.intval(trim($cardID)).'" quantity="1" />
> [/php]
> I need $cardID have converted to int. I thought it should work that way
> but it does not!
> But it's working if I'm putting
> [php]
> <getPIN cardID="180" quantity="1" />
> [/php]
> in there. I got card ID as a var that is passed as get like:
> [php]
> $cardID = $HTTP_GET_VARS[cardID];
> [/php]
> Can anyone help me in that issue? Thank you!
> __________________________________________
> Ron Eggler
> Intern
> 866-999-4179



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