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using sessions instead of cookie

Posted by "Ross" on 01/21/06 13:47

I have never used sessions before. How do I change the follow from COOKIES
to SESSIONS in php (I do not know how to set a session)...

At present the script uses an iframe with cookies but I believe if I use
sessions I can leave out the iframe.

The scipt adds a name and count to the cookie array, then works out the
total using the order2 script.

if (isset($add)){

${$food} = intval($_COOKIE['cookie'][$food]);

$new= $$food+1;
setcookie("cookie[$food]", "$new $name");


if (isset($minus)){

${$food} = intval($_COOKIE['cookie'][$food]);
if (${$food} == 0) {

else {;
$new= $$food-1;

setcookie("cookie[$food]", "$new $name");

and the order2 script...

if (isset($_COOKIE['cookie'])) {
foreach ($_COOKIE['cookie'] as $name => $quantity) {

if ($name == "pakora") {$sub_total = $sub_total + ($priceA *
$quantity); $pricecode= $priceA; check_zero($quantity, $pricecode);}
if ($name == "haggis_fritter") {$sub_total = $sub_total + ($priceB *
$quantity); $pricecode= $priceB;check_zero($quantity, $pricecode);}




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