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Re: [PHP] Str to Int

Posted by Rick Emery on 01/22/06 00:56


> 3. if ($cardID = '' || is_int($cardID))
> As someone mentioned, $cardID = '' makes an assignment, doesn't
> test for true/false. Change to $cardID == ''. And this statement
> SHOULD come up "true" as a whole because $cardID = '' should always
> be true (unless the assignment fails). So regardless of
> is_int($cardID) succeeding or failing, $cardID = '' should be true
> so this statement will always be true.

A trick I read about during my time of learning best practices: if
comparing against a literal or constant, place the literal or constant
on the left side of the expression. For example,

if ('' == $cardID) {

instead of

if ($cardID == '') {

That way, if you accidentally use "=" instead of "==", you should get
an error because you can't assign something to a literal or constant.

Hope this helps somebody,
Rick Emery

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