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Re: [PHP-DB] auto_increment and INSERT INTO

Posted by tg-php on 01/22/06 06:47


mysql_query("INSERT INTO table VALUES ('$variable_1', '$variable_2');");
$auto_increment_variable = mysql_insert_id();


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I have various tables where a column is set to auto_increment in my
table structure. I have been using the following INSERT query format:

INSERT INTO table VALUES ('$auto_increment_variable','$variable_1',

and then in applications where I have needed to know the value of the
$auto_increment_variable I have immediately queried the table for
$variable_1 and $variable_2 and used

$reference = mysql_result($result,$i,"reference");

to determine what numeric value was assigned.

Is there a way I may find out what value was assigned to the
$auto_increment_variable when the INSERT INTO query is issued?



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