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Posted by Richard Lynch on 01/06/05 02:03

It should be noted that the MS KnowledgeBase article about trying to do a
dynamic include (as of when I last used ASP, years ago) made absolutely NO
mention of using:

<!--#include <%=FileName%> --!>

and tells you to just 'read' and 'print' the file -- which doesn't execute
the ASP at all, and there is no 'eval' function (as far as I could find).

So, assuming this #include stuff actually works, I guess it's just the
documentation that sucked, not the actual technology.

For *THIS* problem.

I fought with ASP for only a few months, but it felt like years, and I
hated every minute of it.

I actually wrote comments in ASP like:

<% /*
Microsoft sucks, Microsoft sucks
Can't moveFirst in an empty record set
*/ %>

My co-workers knew when such comments were written, since I would sing
them as I typed. (Yes, really)

I had a lonnnnnnnnnng song before that two months was up...

"Boolean expressions don't short-circuit" is another verse I recall, off
the top of my head.

Sadly, I lost all my copies of that song/project.

Oh well.

If somebody out there actually *LIKES* ASP VBScript programming, more
power to them -- So long as I don't have to ever use it again, I don't
care what you use.

Oh yeah, here's a good one:

*EVERY* error message coming back from SQL Server had the same error
number -- Even when the error *message* was different! That's got to be
in the running for dumbest software design choice on the planet.

Like Music?



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