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Re: Web site critique

Posted by Terry on 05/16/05 15:33

Neo Geshel wrote:
> Just looking for a 10,000 foot overview of this web site:
> Looking for several things:
> • Why does IE ignore the other stylesheets? Both Mozilla and Opera see
> the print and handheld stylesheets, but IE ignores them. When one does a
> print preview in Mozilla or Opera, the print preview comes out
> correctly, but in IE it does not. Same with viewing the site on a
> cellphone or a handheld device.
> • How is the header image coming out at the very top? Are IE ppl able
> to see the full alpha-transparency? (Notice how the background slides
> behind the blur when you scroll)
> • For those that have Flash disabled (I am not one of them), does the
> <object> tag of the flash slideshow gracefully degrade to the internal
> <img /> tag? Do you see a static image, or is it only a box with a
> “plugin” icon?
> That should cover the basics of what I am looking for. A cc to my e-mail
> would be appreciated (note sig!).

<link rel="stylesheet" media="print" type="text/css"
href="csss/print.css"> Works for me (IE 6) - I guess IE is order
sensitive. (Hard to imagine a bug in a quality browser ;-)

The transparency shows fine - I almost did not even see the flash show -
do not see much (if any) value in it.

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