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Re: Website design for beginners

Posted by AGw. (Usenet) on 01/18/08 22:27

On Jan 18, 9:29 pm, Andrew H <> wrote:

> On Jan 18, 4:04 pm, dorayme <> wrote:
> > [snipped]
> BTW am I bottom posting at this point?

Yes, that was bottom-posted! :-)

> I have been using dreamweaver, but only to edit the html text (I find
> it is helpful to see the results of each change) and things seem to be
> going well.

I hope you've not forked out for it! But your approach to how you're
using it is absolutely the right one; soon enough you'll start to
understand what it's about, and can perhaps start to use some of its
various features to speed up the stuff you'll already know how to code
by hand.

The main reason why beginners are generally warned off from
Dreamweaver in particular is that its price is poor value for someone
who isn't a professional; also, it won't make better websites for you
just because it's a professional tool, in the same way that a really
expensive camera won't (by itself) make a beginner photographer into a
great artist. However, it's a pretty reliable product, so you're in
safe hands, and by using it the way you are you'll be getting the most
benefit out of it without suffering most of the pitfalls that plague
other web design programs.




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