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Re: Website design for beginners

Posted by dorayme on 01/18/08 22:29

In article
Andrew H <> wrote:

> On Jan 18, 4:04 pm, dorayme <> wrote:
> > In article
> > <>,
> >
> > "AGw. (Usenet)" <> wrote:
> >
> > > On Jan 18, 2:51 pm, Andrew H <> wrote:
> >
> > > Friendly advice, to heed before someone says something rude to you:
> > > The standard on this newsgroup, and on most other "technical" groups,
> > > is to bottom post, not to top post.
> >
> > {and lots of good further advice from AGw... snipped here]
> >
> > Here is a suggestion for a look:
> >
> > <>
> >
> > --
> > dorayme
> I like the design you came up with dorayme, and AGw that discussion of
> CSS was helpful. I feel more confident that I am on the right track
> now and I thank you all for that. BTW am I bottom posting at this
> point? I am using google groups and I think I am posting correctly,
> but if not let me know.
> For that design, if I wanted to use that as say a theme and then
> create a number of pages with that template, would that require me to
> use that CSS style page, as opposed to the inline style?

If you are talking the doc like in the url above, the best thing
to do if you are going to have a number of pages is to make a
plain text file doc and call it say main.css. Simply put in all
of the stuff between the style tags in the head. Get rid of the
style tags and what is between them and simply substitute a link
to the style sheet, this will do if you have th main.css on the
same level as your pages on your server:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all"

With this on each page in the head, all the pages will have the
same styles, what you would want.

A couple of points, in the above url, you will notice that all
the inline styles have been removed to the styles in the head. (I
think all?) and this separates your content from your style, a
good rule to follow. Break these rules when you are more

You might or might not want to actually make your email address a
link in the footer.

> I have been using dreamweaver, but only to edit the html text (I find
> it is helpful to see the results of each change) and things seem to be
> going well.

Perhaps best to put DW aside for now and concentrate on simple
tools, mainly a plain text editor. It is easy to see the results
of your work anyway, just drag the html file over a browser
window. Or if you want to see results live at every code change,
consider getting the Firefox browser *and* the Developer
extensions which allow you to play around and see the effects of
code changes live.




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