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Posted by Neredbojias on 01/18/08 22:58

Well bust mah britches and call me cheeky, on Fri, 18 Jan 2008 19:55:44
GMT dorayme scribed:

> In article <Xns9A29B947B9DDnanopandaneredbojias@>,
> Neredbojias <> wrote:

>> What I don't understand is why you should be angry with me when _you_
>> were the one bonkers enough to miss it and I merely pointed the fact
>> out.
> I am not angry with you. I am never angry with you. I feel
> nothing but a powerful and continuing contempt. Amazing isn't it
> that when I am brief and succinct, you are baffled, when I talk
> at length, you go to sleep. Yet you read me, you sick, sick man!

Basically, it's for the comedic value. Oh, I don't deny you know a thing
or 2 about html, etc., but you obfuscate it so eloquently with your excess
of superfluous commentary that it becomes addictive, like watching the 3
Stooges over and over again or counting pubic hairs while you're on the

> But to more serious matters now, Boji, you have cost me money and
> time over the years. Officer White is the only one that has
> gained from this terrible relationship, he got some overseas
> trips out of it at least - on my money! Neither you nor I gained
> a single thing of value out of his vicious educative attempts on
> you. You should at least share the cost - this guy has not come
> cheap. Do you realise how much he gets for his film roles?
> Talking of which - I like to think of prattle and babble for
> simple straight talking laconic Australians to ignore - the last
> time I heard the phrase "You owe me money!" was when Bert Gordon
> (George C Scott) came into the pool room and said it to Paul
> "Fast Eddie" Newman in The Hustler (one of the very great films
> of all time)

Heck, I heard it in "Emmanuelle 17" well after that, -another greaty.

Riches are their own reward.



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