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Re: Photo Gallery. What is best practice? List or Divs?

Posted by Els on 01/29/08 19:14

Nico Schuyt wrote:

>>> Navigation through such a site will be difficult anyway without a
>>> mouse.
>> How so?
>> Excercise for you:
> The page needs some time to stabilize (IE6). Clear your cache and see what I
> mean :-)

I know - it's because I don't give the width and height of each image
in the HTML.

>> Don't use your mouse. How difficult is it?
> Almost impossible :-)
> - First tab -> 'Skip to content'. Pressed Enter and expected to have focus
> on the first image (that *is* the content imo)

No, there is text before the images.

> but it takes another 12 tab's
> to get to the first photo.

In Firefox one tab (after the "skip to content") goes straight to the
first picture - I'll have a look why it doesn't in IE. The page does
scroll up, so we do arrive at #content, but then the next tab goes to
the top of the page again. Makes no sense to me.

It also doesn't help that IE7 needs 8 (!) tabs to get to the page at
all. (address bar, refresh button, Google search box, Google search
box button, favourites button, page tab, home button)

Use Firefox! :P

> - It's hard too see which image has focus (must be my age of course)

It has both the browser's own focus outline, and a subtle colour
change. But...we were talking motor skills, not eye strain - it's a
photo gallery after all, remember? ;-)

> - Image enlarged with Enter. How do I return? I read somewhere it should be
> ALT + LEFT ARROW + BACKSPACE, but that doesn't seem to work.

That's one thing I could add, yes, a back link. Without a mouse, there
is no indication that the image itself leads back to the thumbnails,
although it is the case in almost every photo gallery I've ever seen.

> Well, it can be doen but I'm glad I have a mouse :-)

I find it easier without the mouse to be honest! No need to find the
pointer on my screen, no need to stretch my arm onto my desk, no risk
of throwing over my tea... ;-)

That is, unless I'd be stuck with IE :\

> Nice photographs however!





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