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Re: Photo Gallery. What is best practice? List or Divs?

Posted by Nico Schuyt on 01/29/08 19:33

Els wrote:
> Nico Schuyt wrote:

>>>> Navigation through such a site will be difficult anyway without a
>>>> mouse.

>>> How so?
>>> Excercise for you:

>> The page needs some time to stabilize (IE6). Clear your cache and
>> see what I mean :-)

> I know - it's because I don't give the width and height of each image
> in the HTML.

Any specific reason for that?

>> - Image enlarged with Enter. How do I return? I read somewhere it
>> should be ALT + LEFT ARROW + BACKSPACE, but that doesn't seem to
>> work.

I'll be surprised if there isn't a standard key for that in IE

> That's one thing I could add, yes, a back link. Without a mouse, there
> is no indication that the image itself leads back to the thumbnails,
> although it is the case in almost every photo gallery I've ever seen.

I should have noticed that back link on the image. Maybe the image should
get the focus in order to return with one Enter instead of 3 Tabs + Enter

>> Well, it can be doen but I'm glad I have a mouse :-)

> I find it easier without the mouse to be honest!

You're young. At my age one needs some tools (glasses, hearing device,
mouse, ..)




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