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Re: What about validating a web site?

Posted by Harlan Messinger on 01/31/08 15:28

Jeff wrote:
> dorayme wrote:
>> In article <>,
>> Jeff <> wrote:
>>> Harlan Messinger wrote:
>>>> Jeff wrote:
>>>>> Start over. Christ, you're an Italian. Think elegant design.
>>>>> Don't think MySpace.
>>>> Harsh!
>>> I'm a little surprised by that. Didn't we have a long argument
>>> over <br />?
>>> And yet nested tables and font tags are OK?
>>> I looked through the HTML and I did not see a fix or even a
>>> quarter of a fix that wouldn't be harder than rewriting the page. YMMV.
>> Well, it is right that different people's mmv. It can be a learning
>> experience to clean up such a design bit by bit. With greater
>> experience one would go a different way. Much time and effort probably
>> went into OPs site and it is the easiest thing in the world to sit
>> here and say things that do not take into account the OPs busy
>> situation. Many business people, especially one man businesses are
>> very pressed for time.
> Well, it looks like the OP has been busy. And although not a piece of
> beauty it is an improvement.

Indeed. I'm impressed. Actually, I think it was useful to have the two
sets of links and photos. Now he only has the links to separate pages
based on occasion. Before there was another set that linked to pages
with the cakes categorized by design. I think that was worthwhile. I
would have made two changes to the earlier arrangement: Make the
distinction clear, by placing a heading to the effect of "Cakes for Each
Occasion" and "Our Cake Designs" in front of the respective sections;
and, for each cake design, remove the list of occasions for which the
design can be used (because a person that concerned about the particular
occasion will be using the link for the occasion rather than the link
for the design anyway, and because that information can and should
appear on the page to which the link leads).

As for other changes: the table of boxed links above the images should
be replaced by floating boxes so that they don't overflow the browser
horizontally. Likewise for the boxed images. (I realize the OP may not
know anything about floats.) And while the clock is gone, the date is
still there. It doesn't serve any purpose, and the Italian flag and link
could sit to the right of the main heading instead.



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