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Re: What about validating a web site?

Posted by Harlan Messinger on 01/31/08 15:32

Paul wrote:
> "Jonathan N. Little" <> ha scritto nel messaggio
> news:a42a1$47a0bf32$40cba7b2$14286@NAXS.COM...
>> Put less on each page and have more pages...put the focus on your product.
>> Keep your navigation consistent.
> Thank you to all of you. All your suggestions make me feel miserable, and I
> realize that I have poor culture in these arguments.

I'm so sorry, I don't think any of us who responded to you meant you to
feel miserable! It's clear that you worked hard on it, and there's a lot
of great material on your page and website. Please don't be discouraged.

> I know that this isn't my work. I haven't had any serious study about html,
> but autodidacte.

We would say "self-taught".

> I had a commerce and wanted to have an e-commerce. So I tried to build a
> website reading books and tutorials. Well, my website went indexed by Google
> and we started having orders from everywhere. It really was amazing!!
> My website was really ugly but it worked, lots of orders, more than we can
> sell, probably because people liked our products. We receive letters from
> customers with compliments (about products and, yes, about the "beautiful"
> site....).

The photos are gorgeous, and there's a lot that I like about your site.

> Now I desire to make the site less ugly and more usable.
> Today after having read your messages I have started on making some
> modifications.
> I have "cleaned" the home page and put the favor cakes in their own pages.
> And yes, I like these variations. The fact is that our items are too much,
> so it is difficult organize them in a rational way.

It's true, it can be a challenge.

> Most of you can say that many of my html codes are wrong, This will be my
> second step and I'll try to learn more. I don't want assign this work to
> other people. It costs money (rightly) and I should lose the pleasure of
> "working" (or playing) with the computer..:-))



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