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Re: Any possible reason why "$line.serialize($rs2)" refuses to execute?

Posted by Justin Koivisto on 01/13/06 16:40

Rafi B. wrote:
> I'm running this on a Linux/CentOs/cPanel server, trying to add caching
> to my PHP5 code, using ADOdb. I have two Linux servers, one of them is
> running perfect, the second one, just crashes without any error, and
> just gives a blank screen.
> I narrowed down the problem to: $line.serialize($rs2)
> Am I missing something maybe in the PHP5 configuration?

What is the context, and what are you trying to accomplish? If $line is
an object, you should be using $line->serialize($rs2). If you want to
add a serialized string of $rs2 to the end of the $line variable, you
should be using $line.=serialize($rs2);

Justin Koivisto, ZCE -



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