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Re: [PHP] Parsing a large file

Posted by Wolf on 01/13/06 16:40

Windows server, though I may dump it to linux to get my smaller file,
however not sure my admin would like that. :)

Albert wrote:
> Wolf wrote:
>>I have large log files from a web server (about a gig in size) and need
>>to parse each line looking for a string, and when encountered push that
>>line to a new file. I was thinking I could have PHP read in the whole
>>file, but thinking it could be a major pain since I have about 20 log
>>files to read through.
>>Anyone have some suggestions?
> Is this on a Linux server?
> Why don’t you use grep?
> cat <filename> | grep <string> > <newfile>
> see man grep for detail on grep. (It uses regular expressions)
> Albert



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