1. Top 15 Countries by Coders

    Date: 02/18/17     Keywords: no keywords

    I have analyzed the data from HackerRank (December 7 2016) to find out the Top 15 countries in the world by cumulative ranking as well as by the number of Institutions in Top 50. In order to figure out which colleges have the best coders, HackerRank hosted a major University Rankings Competition. Over 5,500 students […]

    Source: http://blog.taragana.com/top-15-countries-by-coders-12454

  2. Java: The Most Popular Programming Language Today

    Date: 02/18/17     Keywords: programming, java

    Several research independently confirms Java as the most popular programing language today and as such can be considered the safest bet for someone looking to make a career in programming or looking for a career change. Let’s look in details below. The TIOBE Index The TIOBE Index for February 2017 indicates Java is the most […]

    Source: http://blog.taragana.com/java-the-most-popular-programming-language-today-12448

  3. Key differences between Understanding and Learning (Memorization)

    Date: 02/18/17     Keywords: no keywords

    Many Educational Institutes, even today, do not focus on understanding. Their tests can be easily passed with memorization. This weakens the foundation of the students and adversely affects his future performance in professional engagements. Let’s look at the key differences between understanding and memorization and why understanding should be the priority for all students. Memorization […]

    Source: http://blog.taragana.com/key-differences-between-understanding-and-learning-memorization-12446

  4. How to Easily Configure WiFi in Raspberry Pi

    Date: 01/04/17     Keywords: asp

    Any version of Raspberry Pi can be very easily configured with WiFi access. Coupled with ssh or vnc, it allows you to manage your Pi remotely. Here is the simplest way I could think of, illustrated by a screenshot and detailed below. Once your Raspberry Pi boots up, you will get to this shiny screen. […]

    Source: http://blog.taragana.com/how-to-easily-configure-wifi-in-raspberry-pi-12440

  5. Steps to secure and protect your Skype account from Hacking

    Date: 01/04/17     Keywords: spam, microsoft

    Skype accounts are being hacked since at least August last year. Breached Skype accounts are used to send thousands of spam messages before they’re locked by Microsoft. The owners then have to regain access and that is when most find out about it. Skype has fallen victim to similar attacks before, and hackers were able […]

    Source: http://blog.taragana.com/steps-to-secure-and-protect-your-skype-account-from-hacking-12435

  6. Maximum number of Files in a Directory

    Date: 12/27/16     Keywords: no keywords

    Different file systems in different Operating Systems has different limitations in the number of files that can be in a directory as determined by the underlying architecture.. Here is an overview of maximum of number of files that you can have in a directory and associated problems, if any, like performance. FAT32 Maximum number of […]

    Source: http://blog.taragana.com/maximum-number-of-files-in-a-directory-12430

  7. How mobile CRM market is set to explode

    Date: 08/30/16     Keywords: crm, web

    Being mobile is not just about being on a mobile platform. Being mobile means you act and behave differently compared to sitting behind a desk with a big screen, a keyboard and a mouse at hand. Many CRM providers has tried to convert their web applications to mobile, with little success. Being mobile as a […]

    Source: http://blog.taragana.com/how-mobile-crm-market-is-set-to-explode-12419

  8. How You can guarantee ROI for your mobile CRM

    Date: 08/25/16     Keywords: software, crm

    While building a business case for a major investment, whether it be for a new hire, new piece of equipment, or even a company acquisition, it is very crucial that you present the ROI which shows a rapid return for the investment.  And the same theory is true for software solutions such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  With […]

    Source: http://blog.taragana.com/how-you-can-guarantee-roi-for-your-mobile-crm-12412

  9. Why every salesperson must have the following Smartphone Apps

    Date: 08/21/16     Keywords: no keywords

    When you started your business, managing your contacts might not be so difficult because you had a few number of suppliers and customers, and few enough team members that you could memorize their email addresses. However, things changes. Your business is growing and you have more people than before to keep track of. You need […]

    Source: http://blog.taragana.com/why-every-salesperson-must-have-the-following-smartphone-apps-12408

  10. Why Mobile CRM is the New Trend for CRM industry

    Date: 08/17/16     Keywords: software, crm

    Traditionally, CRM is installed on Desktops and Laptops. Today you can even edit a document in your mobile or create a presentation, why not CRM? Naturally traditional CRM companies ventured in creating a mobile version of their software with limited functionality. What they missed in these first generation Mobile CRM was a whole new disruptive set […]

    Source: http://blog.taragana.com/why-mobile-crm-is-the-new-trend-for-crm-industry-12403

  11. Kate Middleton’s pal questioned over ’shooting illegal immigrants’ joke

    Date: 01/01/11     Keywords: no keywords

    LONDON - Kate Middleton’s friend was called in for questioning after she joked about ’shooting illegal immigrants’ on Facebook. Events organiser Emma Sayle, who became friends with Kate after persuading her to sign up for a charity boat race in 2007, was questioned over her comments on Facebook. The 32-year-old socialite had posted a message saying: “Just ... Read the original article on Gaea Times at : Kate Middleton’s pal questioned over ’shooting illegal immigrants’ joke.

    Source: http://tech.gaeatimes.com/index.php/archive/kate-middletons-pal-questioned-over-shooting-illegal-immigrants-joke/

  12. GMMXIE is the new Google Doodle for New Year 2011

    Date: 12/31/10     Keywords: google

    more images Today you might be surprised by the new Google Doodle ‘GMMXIE’. Don’t go for a dictionary since I am here to unwrap the meaning of this latest Google Doodle. MMXI means nothing but 2011 in roman numerals. Standing at the threshold of a new year, Google has released this new doodle that shows MMXI in .... Source  : GMMXIE is the new Google Doodle for New Year 2011.

    Source: http://tech.gaeatimes.com/index.php/archive/gmmxie-is-the-new-google-doodle-for-new-year-2011/

  13. Now, China makes Skype illegal

    Date: 12/30/10     Keywords: web, google

    SHANGHAI - China has the use of the popular internet telephony service, Skype, illegal.Websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are already blocked in China and Google closed down its Chinese servers last year. The state-run People’s Daily reported on Thursday that all internet phone calls are to be banned apart from those made over two ... Read : Now, China makes Skype illegal.

    Source: http://tech.gaeatimes.com/index.php/archive/now-china-makes-skype-illegal/

  14. Now, Palin claims her record-setting ‘refudiate’ gaffe was only a typo

    Date: 12/28/10     Keywords: no keywords

    WASHINGTON - In July, Sarah Palin hit the headlines when she compared herself to William Shakespeare, the literary giant who also created words, after coining a word ‘refudiate’ on Twitter. However, the former Alaska Governor claimed on a recent episode of her reality show ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ that the word was just a simple typing error, .... Source article on Gaea Times at  : Now, Palin claims her record-setting ‘refudiate’ gaffe was only a typo.

    Source: http://tech.gaeatimes.com/index.php/archive/now-palin-claims-her-record-setting-refudiate-gaffe-was-only-a-typo/

  15. How to parition a new drive before adding to RAID array in Linux

    Date: 12/27/10     Keywords: linux

    Run the following command, after reading the notes below: sfdisk -d /dev/sda | sfdisk /dev/sdb Notes: 1. This copies the parition information of sda to sdb. Be very careful with the drive letters, otherwise you might end up overriding the partition of a good drive with the partition from a new drive. 2. sda is the drive from which .... Source article on Gaea Times at  : How to parition a new drive before adding to RAID array in Linux.

    Source: http://tech.gaeatimes.com/index.php/archive/how-to-parition-a-new-drive-before-adding-to-raid-array-in-linux/

  16. Santa Tracker Activation - A Great Christmas Gift

    Date: 12/24/10     Keywords: tracker

    more images LOS ANGELES, (GaeaTimes) A great gift for Christmas! North American Aerospace Defense Command once again activates The 2010 Santa Tracker service. With this children are able to track their very favorite Father Christmas. It took place way back in 1955. There was a department store ad that wanted to provide children with the facility ... Original article on : Santa Tracker Activation - A Great Christmas Gift.

    Source: http://tech.gaeatimes.com/index.php/archive/santa-tracker-activation-a-great-christmas-gift/

  17. UK council workers visit Facebook more than their own website!

    Date: 12/24/10     Keywords: web, yahoo, ebay

    LONDON - A secret audit report has revealed that council staff in UK spends majority of their time online surfing Facebook instead of their own website. eBay, Yahoo, gaming website i3d.net and BBC news were the other top sites workers at Waverley Borough Council surf through the day. The authors estimated that the cost of the ... Read the original article on Gaea Times at : UK council workers visit Facebook more than their own website!.

    Source: http://tech.gaeatimes.com/index.php/archive/uk-council-workers-visit-facebook-more-than-their-own-website/

  18. US woman with Twitter name ‘theashes’ packing for trip Down Under

    Date: 12/24/10     Keywords: no keywords

    MELBOURNE - An American woman, who was bombarded with cricket-related messages due to her Twitter name ‘theashes’, is packing her bags for an expected trip Down Under this Christmas. “‘The Ashes’ was a nickname my boyfriend gave me. My name is Ashley and he called me ‘Ashes’ and that evolved into ‘The Ashes’,” News.com.au quoted Kerekes .... Source  : US woman with Twitter name ‘theashes’ packing for trip Down Under.

    Source: http://tech.gaeatimes.com/index.php/archive/us-woman-with-twitter-name-theashes-packing-for-trip-down-under/

  19. Google Corporate Logo Turns Colorful!

    Date: 12/24/10     Keywords: google

    more images SAN FRANCISCO (GaeaTimes.com)- Today the Google users have been delighted to see that the homepage of the Internet search giants looks different thanks to a new colorful logo. The new logo comprising of 17 great images has replaced the Google Corporate Logo. This is commonly called the Google Doodle and it has to be ... Read this article on Gaea Times at : Google Corporate Logo Turns Colorful!.

    Source: http://tech.gaeatimes.com/index.php/archive/google-corporate-logo-turns-colorful/

  20. Wikileaks Barrier Broken By ‘Double Rainbow’ on Twitter

    Date: 12/23/10     Keywords: no keywords

    more images If you were wondering what is the term double Rainbow doing on the trending topics at twitter you have come to the right place. You see there was this rare weather phenomenon in LA when double rainbows showed up in the sky. And the people of LA flooded twitter with the pictures and the tweets. [..] Read the original article: here.

    Source: http://tech.gaeatimes.com/index.php/archive/wikileaks-barrier-broken-by-double-rainbow-on-twitter/

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