1. joomla help

    Date: 11/09/05 (WebDesign)    Keywords: php, oscommerce, web

    ok. i need some advice. i run a website that is currently JUST a forum (phpbb)...and i'm wanting to add more to the site... so i installed joomla (pretty much the same as mambo).

    i searched the forums, but couldnt find an easy enough to understand answer on this, so i thought i would see if any of you have experience in doing this:

    i guess my "pre-question" is, well... joomla and mambo are almost the same (like how zencart and oscommerce are)... and i'm wondering if i find a bridge for mambo, if i can install it and have it work with joomla?

    my major question is, i want to integrate my ALREADY EXISTING phpbb with my NEW joomla (aka so existing user accounts will carry over from the forum to joomla). how would i go about doing this?

    my current phpb:
    my new joomla:

    and example of the two (except this one is using mambo, not joomla) used together:

    notice how the accounts are the same for the forum and the main area, and the "latest forum posts" show up on the main page.

    anyone have any ideas?

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  2. question on online store

    Date: 11/17/05 (Web Development)    Keywords: oscommerce, linux, shopping

    I am new to this online store thing but I found a program that seems to be pretty easy, free, and works with Dreamweaver. www.oscommerce.com

    However, there are only downloads for windows and linux. I'm using Mac OS 10.4 Does anyone know of a program like this (sets up store and shopping cart) for OS X????

    Thanks very much for the help!

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  3. Simple, simple, simple shopping carts

    Date: 12/16/05 (WebDesign)    Keywords: php, oscommerce, shopping

    So I'm setting up a shopping cart for a new site for a client, using osCommerce. I've start customizing it to fit in with the design of the site, entering things into the catalog, etc. Turns out it's a lot more complicated than she wants.

    What she wants is just static pages, with an 'add to cart' button, and actual cart that I can customize tothe site, and after all the information is said and done it gets emailed to her, so she can enter it in with ProPay.

    Any suggestions of a PHP script to use? I've done stuff like this using PAyPal, CCNow, etc, and can setup a osComemrce site fairly easy, but she wants very simple...

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  4. Zencart override help

    Date: 02/09/06 (HTML Help)    Keywords: php, oscommerce, css, web, shopping

    I'm trying to figure out where in my overrides I can change my background to the color of code #FF6699.
    And where there are orange bars to #FF6666.

    Can somebody help me with this, by putting those in the places where there supposed to be and then re-putting them in the textarea box of your own. So all i have to do is copy and paste.

    This is for my site: http://www.bubblegumgoods.com/shop

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  5. eCommerce gateway

    Date: 03/14/06 (WebDesign)    Keywords: oscommerce, web

    I'm using osCommerce and Chase Paymenttech to set up an online store for a client. This is my first time doing it. I've been asked for the url and gateway. I'm assuming the URL would be where the osCommerce catalog is sitting? What about gateway? I've asked the network guy in the office but he didn't know.

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  6. eCommerce gateway

    Date: 03/14/06 (Web Development)    Keywords: oscommerce, web

    I'm using osCommerce and Chase Paymenttech to set up an online store for a client. This is my first time doing it. I've been asked for the url and gateway. I'm assuming the URL would be where the osCommerce catalog is sitting? What about gateway? I've asked the network guy in the office but he didn't know.

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  7. shopping carts

    Date: 06/10/06 (WebDesign)    Keywords: oscommerce, shopping

    i'm looking for a very customizable (& easy to do so at that) shopping cart system. I'm leaning towards http://cubecart.com/site/home/

    does anyone have any experience with them or have any other suggestions? it doesn't have to be free, but the cheaper the better (free is also good). oscommerce seems to get bad reviews, zencart seems like a pain to customize & mals doesn't seem very flexible. thoughts?

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  8. Move my databases for comics?

    Date: 08/17/06 (Web Development)    Keywords: oscommerce, database, web

    Hello all of you geniuses.

    I am currently trying to switch servers from an atrocious one to dreamhost, which I have heard good things about. I have my account set up and am in the process of moving files. Simple, right?

    Well, I am also moving an OScommerce store and a wordpress blog. I've managed to export my databases but that's where I'm stuck. Despite multiple wikis and support pages I just can't do this. I have run into brick wall after brick wall after brick wall, and I think it is just over my head. It is also somewhat of a time sensitive issue, as we run a few sites and a business off our web space and we've already been down/not updating for a week now. Even if i could figure out how to import these (I did manage to export them... I think...) I certainly wouldn't know how to test them to make sure they're working correctly before setting up the new DNSes and going live. Since I will hopefully never have to do this again, I'd like to just find someone to help me out with this and get it over with.

    Remember that business I was talking about? We run a comic book publishing company, and for your trouble of moving two databases for me, I will send you a big box of really awesome comics and graphic novels by some of the coolest artists and writers you've (n)ever heard of. You will also receive my ETERNAL GRATITUDE.

    Sound like a good deal?

    Drop me a line at coreymarie@gmail.com
    or AIM me at: well read robot

    I will relinquish passwords and you will help me and I will be happy and send you comics and the world will be a better place. Ideally I'd like to take care of this tonight or tomorrow.

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  9. Site Design/User Permissions.

    Date: 01/20/07 (Web Development)    Keywords: oscommerce, database

    I am working on a design for an e-commerce site. Currently my company uses a bastardized version of osCommerce. It's very broken, thanks to many developers/contractors that we used prior to my hiring, we want to fix out commerce site, but do not want to use osCommerce due to many limitations that we have run into with our business model.

    That said, I am working on the database schema for the site, and am working on the administrative part of the site first. Basically the ability to create products/categories, edit order data, and create new administrative users. What I am kind of stuck on is the best way to handle admin user permissions.

    I've thought of 3 methods to do this.

    1. Create a list of actions that can be done, and create a map and map them to the users.

    2. Create a list of user groups and allow admin users be mapped to the group.

    3. Create a list of actions that can be done and allow them to be mapped to the groups, and allow those groups be mapped to the users.

    I am wondering if anyone has any other suggestions on ways to handle this. There are many people who would be accessing this Customer Service, Product Management, Site Management, I see lots of variables, just not sure what is the best direction. Ideas, Suggestions?

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  10. Finding the "Right Sized" Store/Admin

    Date: 05/17/07 (WebDesign)    Keywords: php, oscommerce, web, shopping

    I realize questions have been asked frequently about online webstore/shopping cart sources. I've checked out both oscommerce and zen cart, and they both seem great, but oscommerce is far too bloated with features for the limited functionality I need, and zen cart doesn't seem to support the payment gateways I'd like.

    Does someone have a recommendation for a vary basic web store? It's for a site for an artist/licensor who would like to sell some of her published items on her own site. It is not primarily a webstore, and the store part will function as a hybrid gallery/store.

    Basically, here's all I need, no more no less:

    - Customizable (to intergrate with existing site)
    - An admin area that enables the client to add or remove products on her own
    - Capability for about 30 items for sale (that's all)
    - I would prefer to have a payment gateway for standard credit card processing and paypal, but mostly standard credit card processing (which, from what I can gather, zen cart does not offer)
    - Integrated checkout (not one that takes you to a gateway's checkout page)

    That's really all I need. It's really simple and low on features. What should I be looking at?
    I have a very basic knowledge of php -- can't write it but can work my way around pre-written php.

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  11. Pay-for-Download PDFs

    Date: 08/10/07 (WebDesign)    Keywords: oscommerce, database, google, shopping

    My Google-fu is mostly failing me on this one. I need to provide a PDF for download, payment via PayPal. I'd very much prefer that the payment automatically validate and set up a username/password for downloading, so I'm looking for something more than a simple PayPal button.

    It's just one PDF, so the usual shopping carts I've used (like osCommerce) are really overkill. I found and tried ipnDownload, but so far I can't make it function - it'll add items to the database, but when I send and it processes payments, it doesn't produce an email to the purchaser, add them as users, or record the transaction, so there's no download possible. I'm attempting to sort through the code and figure out what's going wrong, but it's taking a very long time.

    Any suggestions for other similar snippet programs or experience with the same error in this one greatly appreciated.

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/webdesign/1294063.html

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