1. Why Java is my language of choice?

    Date: 02/11/05 (Java Web)    Keywords: php, java

    Background I started my career with C then move to C++ and finally stuck on with Java ever since late 1995. I learnt other languages like VB, Basic, Fortran, Pascal (I loved it!) and recently php and some smattering of perl, lisp etc. Yes I also dabbled in C#. As you know structurally all modern...

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  2. How to run javac 1.5 (or beyond) compiler for JSP compilation in Tomcat 5.5 with generics enabled (and other Java 1.5 only features like autoboxing)

    Date: 02/04/05 (Java Web)    Keywords: java, jsp

    Target Audience Java/JSP developers on Tomcat and Application Server administrators. Problem Tomcat 5.5 (unlike Tomcat 5.0 and versions below) comes with Eclipse JDT compiler enabled by default for JSP compilation. JDT compiler is not jdk 1.5 compliant as of now.

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  3. Announcement: Job Blog - Blog with latest job postings from various inner circles

    Date: 12/26/04 (Java Web)    Keywords: software, java

    I have put a new blog which lists hot jobs postings associated with software & bioinformatics industry, job leads available by word-of-mouth, mailings lists of alumni associations, java architects, java user groups, vc mailings lists etc. In other words postings, often for high profile jobs,...

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  4. Simple quick search (I am lucky!) feature in FireFox

    Date: 12/21/04 (Java Web)    Keywords: java

    Typing a keyword like java in the location box does an automatic search and takes you to the first link it finds. It fails when the link contains a (dot). This is useful for "I'm lucky" kind of search.

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  5. JRoller is broken? : Hani’s blog doesn’t have anything on Java or Fleury or Hani!

    Date: 12/19/04 (Java Web)    Keywords: java

    I tried searching for "java", "hani", "fleury" and everything else between them and yet returned with no results from Hani's blog search! Can you conceive how different the blog might have been if the results were true :)

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  6. Quoted in ComputerWeekly - A clarification

    Date: 12/02/04 (Java Web)    Keywords: java

    I was quoted in ComputerWeekly article titled "C# goes head to head with Java" from my article on our .Net experience. A Java user's view of C#

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  7. An addictive challenge for Java programmers…

    Date: 12/02/04 (Java Web)    Keywords: java

    Addiction is the only name I can give to the love for this intellectual challenge targeted for Java developers .

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  8. An appeal: Java Developers lets make peace…

    Date: 12/01/04 (Java Web)    Keywords: java

    Things have heated up recently in different Java forums with wide ranging topics.

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  9. How to play a midi file from a Java application

    Date: 11/12/04 (Java Web)    Keywords: java

    A simple aplication which demonstrates playing of midi files from a Java aapplication.

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  10. Another look at Groovy (Latest java based scripting language)

    Date: 11/04/04 (Java Web)    Keywords: java

    I was recently pulled into Groovy, a new Java based scripting language. You can read a good article highlighting groovy in onjava.com.

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  11. Copy to and Paste from Clipboard: A cross-platform solution in Java

    Date: 11/02/04 (Java Web)    Keywords: java

    Copy to and paste from clipboard on command line using these nifty java utlities.

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  12. Oh Microsoft!

    Date: 09/10/04 (Java Web)    Keywords: java, microsoft

    I would like to point to a very readable and thoughtful article - How Microsoft lost the API war. Be warned however that the article is a bit too long. Take a strong cup of Java with you. BTW: I didn\'t realize Steve Balmer could dance so well.

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  13. Internet Explorer: Java Applet Champion?

    Date: 08/30/04 (Java Web)    Keywords: browser, java

    I realized that several applet functionalities are not supported by either Mozilla or Firefox browsers. In fact Internet Explorer seems to have the best support for Java applets!

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  14. JDK1.5 - More painful bugs aka Enumeration-Woes: Solved!

    Date: 08/30/04 (Java Web)    Keywords: java

    Current Status: Solved Defect: When more than one annotation type files are compiled in javac(any of the ways like *.java or @srclist or FileName1.java FileName2.java) then it emits and error message that it cannot find symbol for statically imported Enums.

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  15. Sun marry Microsoft?

    Date: 04/19/04 (Java Web)    Keywords: java, microsoft

    A wedding in hell? I never thought I would see the day when Sun would marry Microsoft! But stranger things have happened, specially with Sun\'s low fortunes these days.. I am not too surprised. What next? Java abandoned in favor of J# & C#?

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  16. Gripe: Java blog aggregator: javablogs.com

    Date: 02/16/04 (Java Web)    Keywords: java

    Few Gripes on Java.blogs: After few days with java.blogs I realized I don\'t want a few things. For example I am not interested in knowing anything about IDEA releases. Nor do I care about Groovy. We need a filter in Java.blogs. I mentioned before that the hot/popular list is broken.

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  17. Here a password, there a password...

    Date: 02/13/05 (PHP Community)    Keywords: browser, database, java

    I have a problem. My current login system works as follows:

    The user inputs their username and password and hits Login. Before the browser sends this information, a javascript catches the password and replaces it with an md5 hash (combined with the username). On my server, the username is queried in the database, pulling up the password. The md5 is regenerated, and is compared with the hash that the user sent.

    Now, the problem is that this scheme leaves the password unencrypted in my database.

    The problem is, I simply have no idea about how verify the login without having the actual password somewhere. I don't want it sent over the network, but I don't want to store it plainly in the database either. Any suggestions?

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  18. New opportunities: Health Industry Under Pressure to Computerize - The New York Times

    Date: 02/19/05 (Java Web)    Keywords: java

    Looks like new opportunities for the Java industry. The New York Times > Business > Health Industry Under Pressure to Computerize

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  19. Comments and voting

    Date: 02/20/05 (PHP Community)    Keywords: php, java, web

    Hi there. I think this may be a bigger question than really admits of an answer in this forum, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

    I'm working on a website in which I'd like to include the option to vote on pages, or leave comments. Thus far I've figured out that this involves forms and cookies, but I'm having all kinds of trouble. It's been months since I've done any sort of coding, and my PHP skills were never good anyway.

    So say we have some text links that point to a javascript function, that updates a hidden form with the value input (say, a vote from 1 to 10) and submits the form. can the form submit itself to the same script? -- could a form on view.php have a form action that points to view.php?

    how do I set up cookies that won't expire and thus have values overwritten the next time a given user comes and wants to vote, but that will also not allow multiple votes on the same things from the same user?

    lots of questions. I've looked around online and gotten swamped. Maybe someone could just recommend a good book on PHP...


    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/php/263326.html

  20. Captcha and authentication/hash/crypt

    Date: 02/20/05 (PHP Community)    Keywords: php, database, java, security

    In building my nice little blog system, I'm running into the following two problems:

    Problem 1:
    Currently I cannot run image magick as my wonderous site admin has not installed it.  This is - apparently - preventing me from using Text_CAPTCHA from PEAR.  I need a captcha solution that does not require said image manipulation libraries.  Alternatively, if someone knows of a way I can install image magick into my userspace, and NOT have to convince my admin to recompile php, please let me know.

    Problem 2:

    Additionally, my authentication for administration interface is currently being done via plaintext passwords.  This is - for obvious reasons - insecure.  I was attempting to find a solution using a client-side javascript that would create an md5 hash of the password and a randomly generated "key", send same to php processing form via post, and then the php form processor would use the same randomly generated "key" (I'm currently using "mt_rand()") and the user's password (retreived from the database), combine/hash and compare.  I ran into problems with transmitting the "key" to client side, and maintaining the SAME key (without sending it back, in the clear) on the server side.
    The major problems I'm running into, though is the transmission of the key, no matter how I find a way to do it, it still shows up clearly in going to the client side ($rnd = mt_rand() will still show the number client-side when echo $rnd, and therefore it is being clearly transmitted).  Hmm, perhaps I could hash it server side, and then reverse the hash?  But md5 hashes are one-way, yes?  I'd need a crypt for that, and despite my best tries haven't located a good one. ARRGH.
    Security is a bitch when you're not using pre-written. ...ESPECIALLY when you're a beginner.

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/php/264266.html

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