1. Opera is henceforth a Webkit browser

    Date: 02/13/13     Keywords: browser, web

    I started this community 10 years ago and have been an Opera user for a lot longer. I actually paid money for the browser in version 6 (back when it was ad-supported).

    Today, Opera has essentially become a Chromium shell.

    It's not a bad decision, Webkit is the best rendering engine and has been for a while now and site compatibility will get a lot better, it does feel like the end of an era though.

    Fare thee well, Presto.

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/87506.html

  2. PEGI 12! Has anyone else encountered this strange one?

    Date: 09/14/11     Keywords: no keywords

    Opera 11.5x on both my Macs (Lion) has started producing a very strange issue. Seemingly at random, certain actions (particularly with the mouse, but sometimes with the keyboard or even idling) cause Opera to start playing the audio from a trailer for El Shaddai. I can't find the trailer in question, but Googling the quotes suggests that it was shown at Comic-Con. At first I thought it was being caused by a background tab obnoxiously deciding to play an ad with sound, but sometimes switching tabs (particularly with the mouse) makes it shut up. Restarting Opera makes it stop for a while, although it 's coming back more and more rapidly. Does anyone have any ideas what could possibly be causing this? Has anyone else even encountered it? Thanks!

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/86546.html

  3. Yahoo login problems with 11.50

    Date: 08/22/11     Keywords: yahoo

    Has anyone else been having problems with Yahoo logins apparently not being recognized with Opera 11.50, build 1074?

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/86306.html

  4. Thoughts on 11.01

    Date: 01/31/11     Keywords: java

    Well, I installed 11.01 over 10.63, and it generally seems to have gone smoothly. As far as I can tell, my layout and config weren't affected at all, and the skin I use (Opera 9 Standard Skin for 10.50) still works - at least for my purposes.

    YouTube still seems to be working under the illusion that I do not have JavaScript. Has anyone else noticed this?

    I cannot seem to get rid of the address bar "badge" even after unchecking the HideURLParameter box in opera:config , but it's tolerable. I would, however, like to change the way the address in the address bar is styled. I don't need to have the domain subtly highlighted, and I'd rather have the rest of the address be in black rather than gray.

    I've also noticed that, when I use Speed Dial, the Speed Dial URL appears in the address dropdown. It's tolerable, given that I can remove it, but I'd like to prevent it if that's possible.

    A major peeve is that I can no longer exit a tab if the cookie dialog is open. I liked being able to do that in the 10.6x releases because it let me get out of pages that were effectively unusable because they kept tossing cookies at me. It appears that that ability has been taken away. Boo! Hiss!

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/85137.html

  5. Opera 11

    Date: 12/16/10     Keywords: no keywords

    Opera 11 has just been released.

    New features:

    • Extensions!
    • Tab stacking
    • Visual mouse gestures
    • Address field fiddling
    • Changes to the functionality of the mail panel
    Note: Opera have decided to remove the protocol (http://) from the address field for some reason - if you're like me you'll find this change oddly disconcerting, but fortunately it can be put back in opera:config.

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/84743.html

  6. Opera Mini: how to remove arrow button panel

    Date: 11/04/10     Keywords: no keywords

    Hi! I'm using Opera Mini on my Samsung touchphone and as far as I can see the panel to the bottom of the screen with arrow buttons which activate cursor is quite useless for me. I want to throw it out! Can anyone help me?


    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/83136.html

  7. Widget. Перемещение окна с помощью мыши

    Date: 08/03/10     Keywords: no keywords

    Создаю виджет. Использую блок с overflow:auto (scroll).

    Виджеты перемещаются за хватание их в любом месте внутри окна.

    Проблема в том, что даже за саму полосу прокрутки хватаешься и он не даёт прокрутить содержимое блока.

    Кто-нибудь сталкивался? В чём проблема и как решить?

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/80657.html

  8. Problems Loading Hotmail

    Date: 04/15/10     Keywords: browser

    I just tried logging onto my Hotmail account on Opera, only to get the following message from Windows Live:-

    "The Windows Live Network is unavailable from this site for one of the following reasons:

    "This site may be experiencing a problem

    "The site may not be a member of the Windows Live Network

    "You can:
    "You can sign in or sign up at other sites on the Windows Live Network, or try again later at this site."

    It can't be my system, because I'm running Firefox concurrently on the same computer, and that browser loads Hotmail easily.

    So is there a problem with Opera, that Hotmail is no longer recognising it?

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/80477.html

  9. OK, what?!

    Date: 04/14/10     Keywords: no keywords

     Opera (10.1) was working fine on my Mac (10.6.3) this morning. There was a power cut during the day, and restarting it gave... this. Spot the problem.

    Opera... but not as we know itOpera... but not as we know it

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/80272.html

  10. Error!

    Date: 04/11/10     Keywords: no keywords

    Will not prompt how to get rid of this error if it is possible, more clearly, that is sequence of commands as my English is not so good. Reinstallation of different versions of result has not given. Thanks!

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/79834.html

  11. Fixed width Tab

    Date: 04/06/10     Keywords: google

    Innovations. I often open many-many tabs into the Opera. The tabs are compressed and becomes clear vital text information in the header of the tab, such as the number of unread messages in google mail. I propose to give the opportunity to adjust a combo keys and mouse width of the window and then fix it.

    Here are a window to full height (clickable for the full size screenshot):

    Crop to 1:1

    p.s. My english is Google Translate :) Sorry

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/79402.html

  12. Friends page ignores the mouse

    Date: 01/22/10     Keywords: no keywords

    Opera 10.10 both on OS X (Snow Leopard) and on Ubuntu (x86 Karmic) has taken to having a problem with my friends page. Once it's loaded (or sometimes a short while afterwards), the scroll wheel no longer works, and my mouse clicks (on Comments links etc) are ignored. Sometimes refreshing the page restores the functionality. Anyone else experiencing this/fancy telling me how to cure the problem? Thanks!

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/79259.html

  13. help needed with customizing speed dial icons, thumbnails, previews...etc

    Date: 10/26/09     Keywords: web

    I know this topic has been discussed, but when I search for it, there's like 9 pages worth of info regarding one / all of the following terms/subjects...
    speed dial, icons, customization, etc or any mixture of these subjects.

    I read about this site on one of the opera forums..
    this generator for the icon, thumbnail, preview, etc... it's slow though when launching the sites from the speed dial...
    (i think it redirects from one site, shows the "huge" icon, and then is redirected to the site.)

    I just hate the icons generated of the preview of the website....i want like an icon...favicon, or whatever.

    any other suggestions?
    any advice would be nice....

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/78389.html

  14. Hi

    Date: 10/04/09     Keywords: browser

    So I downloaded Opera Mini for my phone. It was working and all and then now it wont let me post on livejournal. That is the main reason i downloaded it because the sprint browser would not even let me on.

    At first it let me but now idk what is going on. Also on my phone I tried the beta version and it doesnt let me type using my full slide out keyboard. I hope they get this fixed! thanks

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/78179.html

  15. 10.0 - to get, or not to get?

    Date: 09/11/09     Keywords: browser

    I've been satisfied with 9.64, and I'm not all that interested in bells-and-whistles, so I haven't gotten 10.0 yet. How much better is it as a browser, if it is better? Also, if I get it, can it safely be installed over 9.64, and if so, will my current customizations carry over?

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/77862.html

  16. Change Black Text to White Text?

    Date: 09/01/09     Keywords: css, html, linux

    Opera 10 Build 4585
    Linux slax

    I have not been able to figure out how to display HTML emails or feeds with white text on a black background. Can someone please tell me if there is any way to do this? I have not been able to view HTML emails or Feeds the way i want since Opera 9.27

    I suspect this can be fixed by editing mime.css but I don't know how.

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/77583.html

  17. Еще одно "обновление"

    Date: 08/14/09     Keywords: no keywords

    Больше разработчики Оперы ничерта не умеют, кроме как сносить мои донастройки их суперудобных настроек "по умолчанию"???
    Если при каждом обновлении нельзя вот никак сделать, чтобы не перетирались мои донастройки их суперудобных настроек "по умолчанию", то выпускайте уж тогда отдельно обновление движка, отдельно обновление интерфейса. Второе устанавливать не буду да и всё.
    Вообще впечатление, что сегодняшнее обновление не что иное, как просто новая Опера практически целиком. Судя по размеру скачанного(около 10 метров), это не обновление.

    В итоге: снова затерли значок тарелки у вкладки Downloads(опять же, снова переименовали из Transfers), поставили свое грязнооранжевое убожество.
    Плюс: вместо обновленной страницы с заголовком светло-голубого цвета вставили уродливую точку.

    upd. Поразбиравшись со скином, все вернул не круги своя. Но время жалко, посему рационализаторское предложение по разделению обновлений остается в силе.

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/77152.html

  18. Обновления называется

    Date: 07/16/09     Keywords: no keywords

    Считаю нужным высказать, ибо надоело.
    При каждом обновлении Оперы хочу видеть список с указанием как отменить очередное новшество.

    Сходу не нравятся 3 вещи.
    1 Иконка в трее.
    2 Цвет нижней панели, когда открыта вкладка Transfers. Ах извините, она теперь называется Downloads.
    3 Инонка для вкладки Transfers.

    По каждому объекту шерстить инет не хочу. Уходит время. Тем более, что по первому не нашлось ничего кроме -trayicons в строку запуска.
    Нельзя ли режим обновления с запросом подтверждения на каждое новшество в интерфейсе?

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/76769.html

  19. Links Downloading

    Date: 06/29/09     Keywords: no keywords

    In Opera 9.27 I was able to select many links and they would all go to the Transfer window, and eventually they would all get downloaded. But with Opera 9.64 at most only four links will be sent to the Transfer window, and once those are downloaded, nothing happens. I've been trying to figure out how to get it to put all the selected links in the transfer window the way Opera 9.27 did. Does anybody know? I really do not want to upgrade to Opera 10 if I can avoid it.

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/76442.html

  20. Opera HTML Email Colors

    Date: 03/25/09     Keywords: css, html

    Opera HTML Email Colors

    Can any Opera users tell me what configuration file I would use to specify the background, text, and link colors for HTML emails in Opera 9.63? I have changed everything I can in mime.css but it doesn't affect HTML emails. I keep ending up with black text on a black background.

    Thanks in advance!

    Source: http://opera-browser.livejournal.com/76117.html

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