1. A whole lot of nothing

    Date: 08/25/06     Keywords: web

    Wow I have been lazy lately with my web site. What I need to do is completly redesign it and start posting again. Unforutunetly time has been a problem as of late. Hopefully in the near future I will come...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000077.php

  2. Traffic Power's New Name, 1P First Place

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: no keywords

    Beware! I received a phone call today from a company called 1P, First Place. I was very cautious because they showed up as Traffic Power on my caller ID. Right away I questioned the sales person. He said they had...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000042.php

  3. Integrating with Asterisk PBX

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: linux

    I set up an Asterisk PBX server at home today on my Linux box. I was pretty surprised, it was fairly easy. Now comes the fun part. I want to attempt to integrate EIOBoard with it to update the user's...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000056.php

  4. New EIOBoard Release

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: software

    We released a new version of our EIOBoard In Out Board Software the other day. This version includes a pretty sweet new feature. It allows time and attendance integration. A user can now export their EIOBoard time data to their...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000055.php

  5. Accessing another database in SQL

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: database, sql

    The other day I figured out how to access one database while in another with SQL code. It is pretty simple. All you need to do is use DATABASENAME..TABLE name in the SQL Code. For example, we're going to assume...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000054.php

  6. Fight Spam

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: spam

    Lycos has come up with a way to possibly fight spam sites. They have developed a screen saver that sends traffic to sites that have been listed as spam sites. This traffic multiplied by several thousand users should increase the...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000053.php

  7. Google Part-Time Job Opening

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: spam, google

    I was reading on a couple other sites about a Google temporary job opening. They're offering a new position, where someone can work remotely, called a Quality Rater. Another name for this title could be Spam Reporter, since this job...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000052.php

  8. Busy with School

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: no keywords

    Sorry I haven't updated in awhile; I've been pretty busy with school and stuff. Graduation is in December so after that I should have much more time....

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000051.php

  9. Security Code Issue Fixed

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: security, spam

    I finally fixed the issue with my blog comment security code not actually working. I found out that in order for it to work I have to disable my mt-blacklist. I disabled it for the time being. If the spammer's...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000050.php

  10. 301 Redirect

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: google

    I learned how to do something new today. I learned how to do a 301 redirect. This type of redirect is said to be the most search engine friendly and is a way to move Google PR from one site...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000049.php

  11. EIOBoard Search Engine Optimization Good News!

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: yahoo

    Savance's site EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board has gone up the ranks for the keyword In Out Board in Yahoo and MSN. When a user searches for In Out Board in MSN EIOBoard now shows up on the first page,...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000048.php

  12. Update On Preventing Blog Spam

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: security, spam

    I just installed another tool that should help me prevent blog spam and hopefully not inconvenience my users. I installed a MT plug-in that requires a user to type in a security code in order to post a comment. This...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000047.php

  13. Blog Spam

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: php, spam

    More and more Blog Spam seems to be occurring, and this is due to programs like the one by php-soft. I've been trying to find ways to fight this. One idea is since I use Moveable Type is to use...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000046.php

  14. Upgrade to Windows Server 2003 and Exchange 2003

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: no keywords

    One thing I learned last week after working 33 hours straight is when upgrading a computer running Windows 2000 and Exchange 5.5 make sure you either move the exchange 5.5 data to a new computer or upgrade exchange first. If...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000045.php

  15. In Out Board Search Engine Optimization

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: google

    I've been playing around with Search Engine Optimization tactics and I have employed some at my test In Out Board page. I am going to try to get my In Out Board page ranked in the first page in Google....

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000044.php

  16. Traffic Power, Now 1P, News Article

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: no keywords

    I saw a nice little news article on Traffic Power, now First Place (1P). It shows a couple cases where their customers have been burned. I know I have said it before, and I will say it again. Stay away...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000043.php

  17. Massive weblog anti-spam initiative: rel="nofollow"

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: spam

    I was looking around at different Blog anti-spam options today and I found the link below. Check it out it, may help stop spammers on your blog because their spam would be worthless. Movable Type 'nofollow' plugin...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000057.php

  18. Windows Chat

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: no keywords

    I'm thinking about starting to work on an open source chat/instant messaging system that works on Windows. I have been playing with Jabber and there is not a good version currently out that works well on a Windows Server. I...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000058.php

  19. SEO Tip

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: no keywords

    I was reading the other day that the amount of pages that you have indexed can make a big difference in where your page appears in a search engine. Is this true? I am starting to believe it is after...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000061.php

  20. Sweet Directory List

    Date: 01/01/70     Keywords: no keywords

    I have been spending a lot of time going through a sweet directory list I found and submitting one of my sites to all of the directories. Check out the Directory List that I found. Let me know if anyone...

    Source: http://www.coreycollins.com/blog/archives/000060.php

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