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    Date: 12/14/05 (College Textbook)    Keywords: yahoo

    Fall Semester's almost over and I have books I'm willing to sell.Email me at: or respond here if interested in buying these texts or have any questions about shipping,etc.

    Chemistry (4th edition) by MCMURRY FAY

    I used this hardcover book for only one semester and am willing to sell it for $75.00 (its list price is $153.33). The book is in very good condition (comes from a nonsmoking, pet free home). There were some pencil marks around certain problem questions, but I think I erased all of them. Pages, binding, etc are still intact.

    Convergences by ATWAN

    I used this softcover text for fall semester. Book is in excellent condition (I never wrote in it, binding/pages intact, pet/smoke free home). I am willing to sell this and throw in “Getting the Picture” for a total of $42.00 (list price for “Convergences” alone is 55.95).

    Documents in the Early Christian Thought and Confessions by St. Augustine

    Both books are in very good condition. Once again, smoke/pet free, binding and pages are all intact). There were some underlining in pencil on some pages of “Documents”, but I think I was able to erase them all. I am willing to sell both texts for $29.00 (list price for both books is 39.00)


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