1. Weird YouTube problem

    Date: 04/09/13     Keywords: google

    Okay, this is really weird and I can't find any info about it on Google (and I don't know what terms I should search anyway). For the past two days whenever I try to watch a video on YouTube in fullscreen, it just puts the video in the upper-left corner of the screen and makes the rest of the screen black, like this:


    It's really weird because fullscreen videos worked perfectly fine until yesterday morning.

    Googling "youtube won't play fullscreen videos" just gets me advice for what to do if the screen is completely black (or white) which isn't the problem I have. (I did try that advice anyway--which was basically to uncheck the hardware acceleration box in Settings after right-clicking the video--and it didn't help) Also tried doing a CClean and that didn't help either. I can't think of what else I should try for this.

    Using Google Chrome on Windows Vista, HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop.

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  2. Hi I'm new

    Date: 03/07/13     Keywords: no keywords

    I need to know what to do when logging on Internet Explorer when computer keeps freezing up and not responding?

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  3. vista not starting. bsod at startup, probably my fault

    Date: 01/27/13     Keywords: no keywords

    ugh, I hate having to post here again so soon but I'm having another problem. I had scheduled a CHKDSK last night for the next time my computer was booted up. Turned it on about two hours ago and the startup screens came on fine but CHKDSK didn't start, instead it was just a black screen (monitor off completely, seemingly--similar to the problem I had last time). I waited about 8-10 minutes for CHKDSK to start but it never did and nothing else happened either. After about 15-20 minutes I did a hard shutdown, which was probably a Huge Mistake, because Vista bluescreened at startup (can't remember error message, sorry) and the computer restarted. Got the "Windows did not start correctly" error screen. Did startup repair, upon finishing laptop restarted and I got the Windows startup error again. Did ANOTHER startup repair. This time when it restarted after finishing, bootup screens displayed fine but now I've got a black monitor again (been about 30 mins), and the Caps Lock light doesn't turn on when I press that button. I'm scared to turn the laptop off again since I'm pretty sure that's what got me into this trouble in the first place (either that, or scheduling the CHKDSK run). Also I can't seem to boot into Safe Mode, F8 doesn't do anything when I tap it during startup. I don't have any recovery disks or anything either. Using Vista sp...2, I believe, 32 bit. Laptop is HP Pavilion DV6000.

    Posted via m.livejournal.com.

    EDIT: After trying about half a dozen+ "fixes" which didn't work, I finally had to reformat/recover Vista. Luckily I've only had this laptop for about a month so I didn't have much stuff on there, and I was successfully able to back up everything on my external HDD. Reformat/recover worked, I haven't had any issues with this computer since then (did it on the 27th I think).

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  4. HP DV6000 monitor issue

    Date: 01/06/13     Keywords: no keywords

    (posting from Wii internet) I got a used HP DV6000 for Christmas and yesterday I was playing a FB game on it when it suddenly froze/crashed and I had to do a forced shutdown. When I turned it back on, it seemed to boot up normally (the monitor was on at this time) but right after it booted up, the monitor turned off completely and would not turn back on. After five minutes of waiting I turned it off, tried again, still nothing. On my third try, I hit F10 and was able to get into Setup mode, but I couldn't find anything there that seemed relevant. So I went online on the Wii to search for a solution. A few people said to cycle through the monitor button (which I THINK is F4) on the keyboard a few times. So I did that and--it worked (although this might have been due to going into Setup)! No issues with the monitor, at least last night. Tonight when I booted up--same problem, seems fine until after bootup screen then nothing. And the F4 trick is no longer working, nor is another one I found, which was to unplug, take out battery, hold down power button, then put everything back & turn on. I can, however, still access Setup so right now I'm doing a hard disk diagnostics test to see if anything's wrong there. Using Vista Home Premium.

    Posted via m.livejournal.com.

    edit: FINALLY got it to boot up by forcing it to go into whatever that screen is called where it says Windows didn't boot up correctly (by turning it off as it was booting up--which I know is probably A Bad Thing but seriously I was desperate by this point), then doing a startup repair. Monitor is on now, obviously, but I don't know if this is a permanent fix or not.

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  5. Livejournal.com not working via Wifi?

    Date: 06/23/12     Keywords: no keywords


    I'm experiences problems loading livejournal.com (any other page is working!) via my wireless modem - I'm connected via my phone's 3G hotspot now, which is working just fine.

    I've spent the last half hour on the phone with tech support, but they can't figure it out either - my roommate can't access it on his computer, I can't access it on my phone when connected to the wireless. I've tried rebooting everything, nothing helped.

    Strangely enough I can access https://www.livejournal.com/login.bml

    I'm on a Mac, OSX 10.6.8, using Chrome (have tried Safari, Firefox and an ancient version of IE for Mac, and Safari and Cabmobile on my phone).

    Does anyone have a clue? The prospect of never being able to use LJ normally again makes me very sadface :/

    Thanks in advance!

    ETA: Accessing it via anonymouse.org works as well. IP problem?

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  6. cross posted to computerhelp

    Date: 05/27/12     Keywords: no keywords

    i have no idea what my mom does to her computer, and she expects me to fix her computer, when i don't have the knowledge to do these sort of things! she's using windows xp, and whenever she tries to use her computer, it asks to sign into her online connection. we have an wireless internet connection and i've tried all of them to no avail. this is what it's showing me:

    any suggestions?

    edit: i ended up reinstalling windows again and that fixed it, now i'm stuck with a horrible resoulation and the lowest color bit (4), despite downloading the drivers. next step? finding my mom a new computer! this one is ancient.

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1028375.html

  7. Laptop not charging

    Date: 05/04/12     Keywords: no keywords

    So, all of a sudden my laptop (Dell Latitude D800)'s AC adapter decided that it didn't feel like powering the computer anymore, and it's running on battery power right now. The little green light on the adapter is on, but it's not delivering power to the laptop and the battery isn't charging. It's at 75% right now and I've got just over two hours left (although I can check email on my Wii if I don't get an answer within that time), so is there an easy way to tell if it's the adapter, or the connector pins, or the laptop itself? Everything's plugged in to where it should be, and I even unplugged everything and plugged it back in and jiggled the plug that goes into the back of the laptop but nothing happened.
    EDIT from Wii: Okay, I ran a diagnostics test and I got error code 3600:0122 for the charger, and it said it wasn't connected even though it definitely was. Does this mean it's the connector pins?

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1028066.html

  8. graphics are off slightly everywhere

    Date: 04/05/12     Keywords: security

    My computer information:

    Intel Core i5 CPU 750 2.67ghz x4
    8 gigs ram
    Windows 7 64 bit
    ATI Radeon HD 4600 series(graphics card)

    So I'm not sure what exactly is going on. I tried playing Civ 5 today and the graphics were a bit off. SWTOR's graphics were also off. Plus my desktop display is slightly bigger than it should be. Text seems a bit off in various things as well. And videos viewed on netflix are less clear. This happened today. I haven't downloaded any files or changed any settings. Not 100% sure if anything updated, but maybe adobe flash player? But would that affect everything else? I mention this because under control panel - system and security adobe flash player is labeled 32bit, not 64bit which my computer is running. Under control panel - system and security - system, the information says its running a 64 bit operating system. Shrug.

    So far I've tried adjusting the resolution, restarting my computer, reinstalling the graphics card drivers, and uninstalling the graphics card drivers and reinstalling them. This obviously has not worked. The drivers are the latest available.

    Is there a way for the computer to auto-detect the best settings for your computer(in case mine somehow got off?) Maybe a program I can download to do this or something that already comes with the operating system? Any other suggestions or ideas?

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1027331.html

  9. Firewall(s)?

    Date: 11/13/11     Keywords: software

    Do I need a software firewall in addition to a hardware (wireless router) firewall? The reason I ask is that I've been trying to configure lauded firewall Comodo off-and-on all weekend (so that it gets along with other applications), but with limited success. Previously, I used Zone Alarm as software firewall, but it was causing my whole computer to slow down given various circumstances. Since installing Comodo, it has blocked zero intrusions which means that either it's junk (which doesn't seem likely, given how often it's recommended on various sites) or that my wireless router is doing its job. Thoughts? Thanks.

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1026439.html

  10. batch renaming files

    Date: 11/13/11     Keywords: no keywords


    I am compiling a photo album of a trip, and am merging my own photo files with those of a family member's. The file names of my photos and his don't match, of course, being from different cameras. I am creating a new folder on my HD of all the photos I'm going to use in the album, and am going in chronological order, so mixing his files and mine. I want to keep this new folder in the order I have placed them, rather than file name order. Thus, I want to rename them in the order I've placed them.

    I'm running Windows Vista. I have done the usual batch rename (select all - rename to 'filename(001)') and it's reordering my files in the order of original file name, instead of how I've placed them in the folder. I need to know if renaming files in the order placed in a folder is possible in Vista, irregardless of original file name. Can anyone help??

    (Please don't tell me to downgrade/upgrade/switch OS. That's not an option at this point.)

    Thanks in advance!

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1026153.html

  11. Microsoft Word 2007

    Date: 08/12/11     Keywords: no keywords

     In Word 2007, is there a way to put in header or footer a Heading 1 text such that the page on which the heading covers will say the heading in the header or footer? I don't know if my question is too clear, but it is hard for me to articulate. 

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1025618.html

  12. I have an odd request

    Date: 06/29/11     Keywords: security

    x-posted to computerhelp

    I recently battled the Internet Security malware -- twice. I won, but I lost some files in the process. They weren't important files. They weren't data or system files. But they were files that did a specific thing and I miss them.

    I have a Seagate expansion drive (model #9SD2A2-500). Photobucket

    The files I lost were the ones that came with the drive. It still works fine. Windows sees it and files move to and from it with no problem. But it used to be that when I opened up My Computer I would see a little picture of the Seagate drive instead of the generic hard drive picture I see now.

    It's not really that big of a deal but I want that little picture back. I was wondering if anyone reading this might have one of these drives and be able to send me copies of those files? Thanks for reading this, in any case.

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1025129.html

  13. Windows Media Player

    Date: 06/17/11     Keywords: no keywords

    Is there a way to increase the volume a certain file is played at using windows media player? Like a song that was recorded very softly and thus when other songs played at the same volume are easily heard, but the specific file is not...and somehow changing the volume to go up for that file without having to do it manually or adjusting the volume slider for windows/windows media player.

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1024823.html

  14. Hooking up a desktop hard drive to a laptop

    Date: 06/07/11     Keywords: no keywords

    I want to take out the hard drive from my Dell Desktop computer and connect it to my laptop to see whats on it. I know I need a cord that goes to the USB port and an outlet for the power source, but I can't recall the actual type of cord I need. Anyone know the actual name?

    Also, I need a hard drive key, but I don't recall getting one with my desktop, in fact, its been 7 years so I wouldnt know where it was anyway. Anyone know where I can get one? Are they different for every model or is a one size fits all deal?

    Thank you.

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1024746.html

  15. Windows Recovery virus

    Date: 05/31/11     Keywords: virus

    Hi guys,

    I'm in need of some computer genius here. I got the windows recovery virus on my computer (right after finishing a ten page paper no less), and I managed to get rid of it by rebooting in safe mode and using malwarebytes. After I got rid of it I realized the virus had managed to hide all of my programs and files to make it look like my computer had been completely wiped.
    I used the unhide program and it worked for everything except the start menu, which is showing all my program files as "empty".
    From what I've seen on different forums, the virus has hidden them all in a temp folder, I just have no idea how to restore them. Any suggestions?
    Thanks so much for your help!

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1024362.html

  16. Display settings gone crazy

    Date: 05/11/11     Keywords: browser, virus, web, microsoft, google

    Hello, I've recently been dealing with computer trouble, and now that I'm past the worst of it, I've come to ask about something that's making me nutty: my display settings.

    Problem in a nutshell: My programs (e.g. Internet Explorer, iTunes, Microsoft Word) don't seem to want to follow my designated screen resolution of 1024 by 768.

    OS: Windows XP SP3

    Web Browser: Internet Explorer 7 (I prefer it to the newer versions.)

    Level of Experience: Probably easiest to say beginner

    Problem: Because I unfortunately was victim of a rootkit a few weeks ago, my computer had to be wiped, and Windows was reinstalled. Since I got it back today, I've been building my computer to how it was before the virus, but my display settings are all off. I have a wide screen, and my default resolution before the virus was 1024 by 768 (I like it that way), so I restored it to that resolution. While I've taken pains to make my desktop look somewhat normal, my programs (e.g. Internet Explorer, iTunes) look rather larger and wider than they should in their screens. This is thoroughly annoying in Internet Explorer especially, since I don't like using full screen view (I don't use full screen for any programs). How do I get my programs (my desktop doesn't really seem to want to cooperate, either) to view normally?

    Troubleshooting? -I messed with the space between my icons in the appearance section of the Display Properties, but this only affected the desktop. The toolbar at the bottom of my desktop still looks odd.
    -I tried zooming in and out in Internet Explorer; didn't solve anything.
    -I tried changing my dpi in the Display Properties, but to no avail.
    -I've searched google several times but have found no help for this sort of problem.

    Just for references, I'll include before and after screenshots from my display:

    This is basically how my computer looked before it broke.

    This is how my computer looks now: bloated toolbar and super wide IE page--the same facebook page takes up much more room.

    This problem isn't dire, but it's MADDENING. If anyone has good ideas how to solve this, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks!

    x-posting to computerhelp

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1024221.html

  17. Danger! Danger!

    Date: 05/03/11     Keywords: web

    Сотни форумов кишат подобными вопросами. Казалось бы, пользователям сети должно быть хорошо известно, что наиболее опасные сайты в плане возможности подцепить компьютерный вирус — именно порносайты.

    Один из экспертов IT-безопасности объясняет причину: «У вас российский IP-адрес. И в операционной системе (Windows, как правило) — русский язык. Некоторые компании закрывают свои сайты от России потому, что русские все равно не платят, только засоряют траффик. Поэтому при попытке захода на сайт вас переадресуют на специальный скрипт, который гонит вас дальше, например, на биржу траффика, а далее уже скрипт думает, как вас использовать. Заражают вирусом, чтобы потом можно было использовать компьютер для атак на сайты, для перебора паролей, использовать как прокси и т. д.»

    Помимо этого, adult-сайты по интернет-статистике — лидеры посещаемости. Естественно, что они стали наиболее удобным местом для размещения вирусов. И вот здесь как раз «халявщики» из России интересуют сетевых мошенников меньше всего. Ведь основной интерес представляют пароли к платежным системам и банковским счетам. Тут ловят пользователей из развитых стран.

    Руководитель отдела информационной безопасности известной московской корпорации: «Два года назад я с двумя приятелями создал «платник». Учитывая высокую конкуренцию, выбрали для себя достаточно узкую и специфическую нишу — «золотой дождь». Захостились на «левом» хостинге, наполнили сайт дешевым контентом. Что-то мы даже заработали на показах, но основная наша задача была — выяснение логина и пароля абонента к системе PayPal»

    На этом «платнике» потенциальному клиенту предлагалось перевести деньги в системе PayPal, хотя даже договора с этой системой у владельцев сайта не было. Желающий оплатить клиент якобы переадресовывался на сайт РауРаl, а на самом деле вводил свой логин и пароль в окно, сгенерированное мошенниками (это даже вирусом не назовешь, это — типичный «фишинг»). После получения всех необходимых данных, клиенту сообщали о том, что произошел сбой, система временно не работает, и ему предлагалось уже реально оплатить услугу кредиткой. Вывести деньги из PayPal в России невозможно, поэтому все полученные данные хозяева сайта продавали по $5 за штуку «узким специалистам».

    Есть и чисто «российское» направление работы adult-сайтов — кража с помощью «троянов» паролей не к банковским счетам, а к самим порносайтам. Иностранный пользователь регистрируется на «платнике», отдает $40 за месячный доступ, а его логин и пароль уже перехвачены российским хакером и продаются с большой скидкой в рунете или просто выложены на каком-нибудь форуме в свободном доступе.

    Друзья, будьте аккуратны, ищите любовь, а не ходите по порносайтам! А если все же схватили порно-баннер, Dr.Web CureIt! вам в руки!

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1023626.html

  18. Gifts

    Date: 04/29/11     Keywords: security, web


    Купон на 20% скидку на коробку Dr.Web Security Space Pro - Family Space Edition:


    Лицензия на Dr.Web Security Space:


    Хорошей пятницы и чудесных выходных!

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1023390.html

  19. Erase CD with HV

    Date: 04/27/11     Keywords: no keywords

    Не хотите, чтобы данные с Вашего компакт-диска попали в руки мошенникам? Почему бы не стереть информацию таким образом?

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1023204.html

  20. Курс на самоуничтожение

    Date: 04/19/11     Keywords: no keywords

    Специалисты Toshiba изобрели новый способ защитить конфиденциальную пользовательскую информацию от посягательства сторонних лиц.

     Корпорация Toshiba анонсировала «первую в мире» линейку жестких дисков, оснащенных средствами аппаратного шифрования данных и проприетарной технологией Wipe. Главная задача системы Wipe — не позволить сторонним лицам завладеть конфиденциальной пользовательской информацией. Благодаря Wipe винчестер автоматически уничтожит ключ шифрования при наступлении определенного события — к примеру, отключения питания накопителя или его подсоединения к другому компьютеру.

    Семейство жестких дисков MKxx61GSYS, кроме системы уничтожения данных, включает также встроенную систему шифрования, так что можно сказать, что устройство совмещает две системы — защиты информации и ее уничтожения. Как только встроенная система безопасности обнаруживает, что диск подключен к неидентифицированному ПК или другой системе, данные тут же стираются. Существует и второй вариант развития событий — можно выбрать вариант, который делает данные недоступными для злоумышленника.

    Владелец жесткого диска семейства MKxx61GSYS может самостоятельно выбирать, какие данные на диске подлежат защите, и что устройству нужно предпринять в случае обнаружения «утечки» — уничтожать ли данные, или просто сделать их недоступными.

    Система безопасности, реализованная в этих жестких дисках, основана на спецификации «Opal» от Trusted Computing Group.

    Пробные поставки жестких дисков начнутся в этом месяце, а массовое производство намечено на июнь. Ожидается, что накопители будут использоваться, прежде всего, в корпоративном секторе. Информации о цене новинок пока нет.

    Source: http://computer-help.livejournal.com/1022722.html

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