HP DV6000 monitor issue

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    (posting from Wii internet) I got a used HP DV6000 for Christmas and yesterday I was playing a FB game on it when it suddenly froze/crashed and I had to do a forced shutdown. When I turned it back on, it seemed to boot up normally (the monitor was on at this time) but right after it booted up, the monitor turned off completely and would not turn back on. After five minutes of waiting I turned it off, tried again, still nothing. On my third try, I hit F10 and was able to get into Setup mode, but I couldn't find anything there that seemed relevant. So I went online on the Wii to search for a solution. A few people said to cycle through the monitor button (which I THINK is F4) on the keyboard a few times. So I did that and--it worked (although this might have been due to going into Setup)! No issues with the monitor, at least last night. Tonight when I booted up--same problem, seems fine until after bootup screen then nothing. And the F4 trick is no longer working, nor is another one I found, which was to unplug, take out battery, hold down power button, then put everything back & turn on. I can, however, still access Setup so right now I'm doing a hard disk diagnostics test to see if anything's wrong there. Using Vista Home Premium.

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    edit: FINALLY got it to boot up by forcing it to go into whatever that screen is called where it says Windows didn't boot up correctly (by turning it off as it was booting up--which I know is probably A Bad Thing but seriously I was desperate by this point), then doing a startup repair. Monitor is on now, obviously, but I don't know if this is a permanent fix or not.

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