learn to program?

    Date: 04/06/05 (Computer Geeks)    Keywords: programming, sql, linux

    Hey all -

    my work has offered to spring for a programming class for me. I mostly do junior system admin. type stuff now so better shell scripting would be great to know but i'd like to branch out more into simple programming. everyone at my job is a hotshot perl coder and i'd love to be able to write perl. but perl programming classes dont seem to exist.
    does anyone have suggestions on what kind of beginner class i should take?
    or if youre in philly: where i should take it would be nice too.
    also i'm not looking to go the self taught route on this. i usually learn better in a non classroom environment but i've been up to my eyeballs trying to teach myself linux, bash and zsh, sql, postfix, networking, hardware and bunch more, so i'm looking forward to some classroom type structure for a minute.


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