New printer...

    Date: 11/21/05 (Computer Geeks)    Keywords: jsp

    Anyone have specific printer recommendations? I had an Epson C64 that I was very happy with, but it recently malfunctioned on me and it's just not worth getting it serviced. I paid $60 for it about a year and half ago. Not exactly the greatest lifespan for a printer, but oh well. I've never heard of Epson's doing this before, so I'm assuming mine was a fluke. As far as printing goes, I've been told that Epson is for quality and HP is for speed. I want quality.

    I'm leaning towards this one:
    It's about as much as I'd like to spend. If I need really good prints of something, I'm gonna get those done professionally. Although my C64 has put out some nice prints. Stuff I'd be willing to use even for my graphic design portfolio.

    Any opinions? Thanks!


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