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    Date: 02/23/05 (Computer Geeks)    Keywords: no keywords

    l33t survey
    I'm doing a survey for a linguistics class. My project topic is l33t/leet speak. So, if anyone would be willing, leave a comment with your answers or email them to me at You don't have to answer everything. Any input is appreciated.

    I need your:
    Age (approximate is fine, if you want to round it off)
    General location (Hometown or County and State) If you live on campus, not that location.

    The general question set below applies to all of the words.

    The words are: l33t (leet), teh, w00t (woot), pwned, r0x0rs, n00b, j00, w4r3z (warez), k3wl, d00d, flame

    Feel free to add any words that you want aside from these.

    I don't know why I offered multiple spellings for some, but if you know l33t speak I'm sure it's pretty easy to figure out. :)

    Here are the questions:

    How would you spell this in leet?
    Who uses this?
    Perceptions of this word:
    First seen or heard:
    Is it spoken, typed, or both?
    Do you use it?
    If yes, do you use it in speech, AIM, gaming, etc? Which?
    Use it in a sentence:
    What are some related words:
    General comments:

    Thanks for your help! Seriously...feel free to only do some of the words or answer only some of of the questions. The more help I get, the better the project will be. It's a study on the variation of the answers I get.

    Crossposted to a couple different places (I am posting this for a friend)


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