1. Database Woes, x-posted in php...

    Date: 12/29/04 (MySQL Communtiy)    Keywords: php, mysql, html, database, sql

    Ok, I figured something out.

    When I run the mysql query at a mysql or phpmyadmin prompt I get the proper results...

    SELECT * FROM fff_news WHERE month(date)=month(now()) and year(date)=year(now()) ORDER BY date DESC

    But when I throw this into an array with php's mysql_fetch_array or mysql_fetch_row everything will display except for the top entry which would be the last date entered into the database. If I add a new entry for yesterday, it won't show until I add a second entry for yesterday(and then that one won't show) or a new entry for today(which won't show).

    Why is php mangling my query like this, it's rather simple...

    snip...(and I cut out my html which semagic won't let me display as code anyway...)

    } else {

    $sql = 'SELECT * FROM fff_news WHERE month(date)=month(now()) and year(date)=year(now()) ORDER BY date DESC';
    $result = mysql_query($sql);
    $row = mysql_fetch_array($result);

    if (!$result) {

    Error performing query: " . mysql_error() . "\n");

    while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    echo $row[date];
    echo $row[pagetitle];
    echo $row[content];



    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/mysql/45003.html

  2. inserted row ID

    Date: 12/02/04 (MySQL Communtiy)    Keywords: php, mysql, database, sql

    Hi guys, i'm a newbie to MYSQL, so excuse me for stupid questions :)
    I have the following question:
    For instance my database looks like -

    | ID | SOME_VALUE |
    | 10 |  MY_VALUE  |
    |    |            |
    ID - is auto_increment
    I use php and make MYSQL query to insert a new row (INSERT query)
    Is there any way to know inserted row ID?

    PS. If i use

    (1) INSERT INTO ... ... ... VALUES ... ... ...;

    can i be 100% sure that another INSERT query (from another user) won't be inserted between (1) and (2) and the returned ID will be wrong?

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/mysql/43111.html

  3. MySQL support for AMD64

    Date: 11/30/04 (MySQL Communtiy)    Keywords: mysql, database, sql

    I just received a box with the following specs:

    Dual AMD64
    8G ram
    Two 3ware 2.4 terabyte RAID 5 arrays.

    My company has been using Redhat for most of its production machines.

    1. Does anyone have any success/horror stories running MySQL 4.0.x on RHES 3/ AMD64?

    2. Does anyone have alternate recommendations for running MySQL databases in the terabyte range on AMD64?

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/mysql/42916.html

  4. Oxxus.net?

    Date: 02/20/05 (Web Development)    Keywords: database, web, hosting

    I'm trying to find a good webhost that supports InnoDB and allows adult content. I found oxxus.net, whose database hosting starts at $9.99 and includes InnoDB support. I'm wondering if anybody has had any bad experiences with them, or knows of somewhere I can read user reviews of them.


    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/webdev/173911.html

  5. Job question.

    Date: 02/08/05 (Web Development)    Keywords: php, programming, mysql, database, asp, sql, jsp, web

    Ok, I've got a question for all the professionals out there. I've been looking for a while now to get into server-side web programming (PHP, ASP, JSP, SQL) for a little while now. While I do have experience working with these things working on personal projects, I have no professional experience. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I can do to more effectively represent myself in this way.

    In terms of skills, I'm talking a heavy PHP/MySQL background, with a focus on content managers and database served content.

    Just hoping someone might have some pointers. Feel free to ask me any questions.

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/webdev/170943.html

  6. Using paypal to sell event tickets

    Date: 02/02/05 (Web Development)    Keywords: database

    Has anyone ever set up an invoicing system with paypal to sell a limited number of tickets to an event? I'm sure it's possible, using PDT and a database on a server.

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/webdev/168590.html

  7. Pear::DB vs. ADOdb?

    Date: 02/03/05 (PHP Development)    Keywords: php, mysql, database, sql, java, google

    I'm sure this is going to create a firestorm of debate, but I'm tired of spending countless hours on Google. Before doing PHP, I was a Perl/Java programmer, and was used to doing database stuff with DBI in Perl more than anything else. I'm presently writing a PHP/MySQL app, which will be ported over to Oracle, so I'm looking to start using an abstraction layer (something I admittedly should've been doing the whole time). I've researched ADOdb and Pear::DB, and I can't make up my mind. Would some of you folks mind sharing your personal experiences?


    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/php_dev/52325.html

  8. POSTing and redirecting

    Date: 02/02/05 (PHP Development)    Keywords: php, browser, database, java

    I'm in a situation where I want to create a page that redirects to another site and posts as it does so, as if it were a form (the page needs to record acceptance in a database before the site-user hares off into the unknown, possibly not to return). Is there a way of manually setting these post values in php? header() just seems to apply to the page you're in. I can't rely on Javascript, and somehow sending the post variables to the other site and mirroring the result of the first page on my site would be commercially problematic. Help!

    Thinking about this, there just doesn't seem to be a solution. Header sets HTTP header variables in the document that goes back to the user's browser, not the second server. POST variables would usually be provided by the user's browser to the second server, not by the first server. I just don't think that there's a way of doing this kind of redirection, but I may be wrong, it's not really my area.

    Fascinating problem, would anybody like to comment?

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/php_dev/52088.html

  9. Security in websites, part deux....

    Date: 01/02/05 (PHP Development)    Keywords: php, html, database, sql, java, security, web

    alright, so, i finally got around to designing my 'security system' for my family's website. here's how it'll work:

    1. user enters their username and password into an html form. a javascript function will confirm that both are between 6 and 16 characters long
    2. if they, are, they'll be passed to login.php which will double check the lenghts of the two strings, and then confirm that neither one contains anything but letters and numbers. if they don't pass muster, the user gets rerouted to the html login form.
    3. if the above two criteria evaluate to true, then a SQL query will run to see if there's a matching username and password row in a database.
    4. IF SO, the script calls session_start() and $_SESSION['UsrIsLogdIn']=true;. the script then redirects them to the rest of the site.

    now, each page on the rest of the site will do a check like this:
    if ($_SESSION['UsrIsLogdIn']!==true) {

    do you all think that this is good security? do you see any problems, loopholes, other ways in or ways to emulate the session variable being set to true? is there anything else i should add or make the pages check for?

    thanks for your help :)

    [Edit: oh, and what do you think is the best way to handle the user logging out? just setting $_SESSION['UsrIsLogdIn'] to false?]
  10. Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/php_dev/51178.html

  11. security in websites

    Date: 12/29/04 (PHP Development)    Keywords: php, mysql, browser, database, sql, security, web

    i am preparing to design a website for my family. i'd like it to have a secure log-in, which references usernames and passwords in a mysql database. i'd like the rest of the website to be secure, meaning, if you're not logged in, you're redirected to the index. i'm planning to use sessions with cookies. as i'm relatively new to security in web design, i'd like some advice.

    i know the login.php script will check the username and password against a corresponding user table. if the login succeeds, a call will be made to session_start(). session_start() will be called on all subsequent pages, as well as a check to see if the login status is true (or something like that). herein is my first question:
    what should each subsequent page of the site check for?

    do i need to turn SSL on or will sessions, cookies and a database be enough? (it doesn't need to be super tight--mainly, some of my aunts and uncles don't want the pictures of their bikini clad daughters from our beach trips accessible to just anyone over the net.)

    ... i guess i'm not entirely sure what else to ask. i suppose that i'll need to make each page check to see if the above mentioned login status variable is set to true, but how do i set it to false? do i just design the session or cookie to expire when the browser is closed?

    any help or feedback is appreciated. if you know of a good site (that's easy to understand) which goes over what you need to do to design s secure site, please let me know.

    ah, by the way, the environment i'm designing this site for is a RedHat server with PHP4.3.9 and MySQL4.0

    thanks for your help

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/php_dev/50687.html

  12. Tomcat hosts?

    Date: 11/17/04 (PHP Development)    Keywords: php, mysql, database, sql, web

    (x-posted all over the damn place)

    I am currently looking for a good web host that offer Tomcat AND php AND some kind of database (MySQL or PostGres - I'm not picky). I'd also like to go with someone who has a sane usage policy (I once had a site yanked by addr.net due to "inappropriate content").

    Currently, http://www.oxxus.net/ looks pretty good.

    Anyone have any other suggestions?

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/php_dev/49616.html

  13. how to make an ecard?

    Date: 08/25/04 (PHP Development)    Keywords: php, html, database, web

    Hello! Sorry if this is an inappropriate place to post this, I'm in a hurry and other places have been little help as of yet.

    I need advice. I am trying to create e-cards. I have the images, I need a way of sending them to people. This is for a friend's site that I'm building, and unfortunately she'd really like it within the next two weeks, so I'm trying to find something reletively easy.

    I have found many tutorials on the web - this one seemed fairly straightforward with the exception of the MS Access database. I am new to databases of any kind, and don’t have MS Access. I’d like to be able to convert it to PHP but don’t even have a clue how. I did this tutorial as well, but when I used the PHP file that came with it, no text would appear in the card. When I replaced the PHP file with a new one that supposedly fixes that issue from the message forums, I got an error that a lot of users on the site got, but all of them fixed it without explaining how. I am very new to PHP and don’t know how to edit it correctly. I’ve included the PHP file under a cut tag at the end of the post just in case any of you can see what’s wrong with it out of context.

    In theory I’d like to find either a very basic tutorial or something I can plug my images/info into, if such a thing exists. Thanks in advance for your help, it’s very much appreciated.

    I have this error "Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_CASE or T_DEFAULT or '}" on line 9. I only included the first part of the text after HTML,HEAD, & TITLE since the error is somewhere in line 9. I’ve tried switching the quotes around and using single quote marks instead of double quotes, etc, etc.

    $ENum = $_GET["ENum"];
    $EcardText = $_GET["EcardText"];
    switch ($ENum) {

       case '1':
       $goto = "Ecard1.swf?EcardText=".$EcardText;
       $gotoFooter = "EcardFooter.swf?EcardText=".$EcardText."&EcardSelect=1";
       $Dimensions = "WIDTH=700 HEIGHT=525";
       $DimensionsFooter = "WIDTH=700 HEIGHT=250";

       case '2':
       $goto = "Ecard2.swf?EcardText=".$EcardText;
       $gotoFooter = "EcardFooter.swf?EcardText=".$EcardText."&EcardSelect=2";
       $Dimensions = "WIDTH=700 HEIGHT=525";
       $DimensionsFooter = "WIDTH=700 HEIGHT=250";

       case '3':
       $goto = "Ecard3.swf?EcardText=".$EcardText;
       $gotoFooter = "EcardFooter.swf?EcardText=".$EcardText."&EcardSelect=3";
       $Dimensions = "WIDTH=700 HEIGHT=525";
       $DimensionsFooter = "WIDTH=700 HEIGHT=250";

       case '4':
       $goto = "Ecard4.swf?EcardText=".$EcardText;
       $gotoFooter = "EcardFooter.swf?EcardText=".$EcardText."&EcardSelect=4";
       $Dimensions = "WIDTH=700 HEIGHT=525";
       $DimensionsFooter = "WIDTH=700 HEIGHT=250";

       case '5':
       $goto = "Ecard5.swf?EcardText=".$EcardText;
       $gotoFooter = "EcardFooter.swf?EcardText=".$EcardText."&EcardSelect=5";
       $Dimensions = "WIDTH=700 HEIGHT=525";
       $DimensionsFooter = "WIDTH=700 HEIGHT=250";

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/php_dev/46594.html

  14. Programming Goodness

    Date: 10/15/04 (Elite PHP Development)    Keywords: php, mysql, database, sql, java

    I was lookin around and found this tonight. Very much kewlness, I am hopeing to join in on the fun in the development community so I can add in my ideas to make PHP even better.
    This is a little bit of information I picked up on Creating Custom Exceptions and sending data to the parent class from a function in a subclass. Very spiffy.

    query("SELECT NOW()");
    catch(ConnectException $exception) {
    echo "Connection Error\n";
    catch(QueryException $exception) {
    echo "Query Error\n";
    /* Handle exceptions that we weren't expecting */
    catch(Exception $exception) {
    echo "Who was that masked exception?\n";



    very spiffy, and I will be posting something using the new MySQLi class. Maybe a whole class system for the generation of graphics pulled from a database. Possibly attach that to a javascript paint proggy, or even better a flash paint proggy..... hmmm the posibilities are endless, but i have to get back to my money making... Gotta love it, but it would be so much more fun if i had a project that really challenged my knowledge and abilities, but well get to that someday.

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/php_elite/504.html

  15. SQL authoring tool...

    Date: 02/25/05 (Web Development)    Keywords: database, sql

    Has anyone ever used this? And, if so, with any success?

    Aqua Data Studio is a database query and administration tool that allows developers to easily create, edit, and execute SQL scripts, as well as browse and visually modify database structures. Aqua Data Studio provides an integrated database environment with a single consistent interface to all major relational databases. This allows the database administrator or developer to tackle multiple tasks simultaneously from one application.


    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/webdev/175799.html

  16. How to post dynamic content ( using php ) on WordPress Blogs + Know your IP Address

    Date: 02/17/05 (Java Web)    Keywords: database, web

    It is a very strong capability to be able to post dynamic content in your blog. You can use this to integrate contents from other websites, fetch data from your database etc. It enables whole plethora of functionalities to your blog posting to make it more lively. A plugin developed by Mark allows you to [...]

    Source: http://blog.taragana.com/index.php/archive/how-to-post-dynamic-content-using-php-on-wordpress-blogs-know-your-ip-address/

  17. anyone awake?

    Date: 02/10/05 (Asp Dot Net)    Keywords: database, asp, sql

    Hello, Heres what I need to do:

    Bind a CheckBoxList Control to a database where it will select 13 things out I want the easiest way to check which checkboxes are checked and which aren't and add to my database of features the boolean options 1/0 if they are checked or not. Any help would be appericiated.

    I'm using ASP.net, SQL7

    I have a ghetto version thrown together thats somewhat working if you want to pm me on aim 'sontek' and talk about it. I can paypal a little bit of money for any help. (i'm not rich, so LITTLE, like $20 :P)

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/aspdotnet/27717.html

  18. Datagrids

    Date: 02/09/05 (Asp Dot Net)    Keywords: database, sql

    One more thing I need help with.

    I setup a datagrid and it binds itself to the SQL database and outputs ID, Username, Password (md5), Name, Email, Address.

    Now I want to beable to click the ID of one of those and have it bring me to a page thats like an edit page for the clicked table. So it'll let you edit, the name, email, or address, or just delete the whole thing.

    What would be the best way to do this?

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/aspdotnet/27367.html

  19. ConnectionString

    Date: 02/07/05 (Asp Dot Net)    Keywords: database, sql, microsoft

    My connection string keeps giving me the exception:
    "SQL Server does not exist or access denied".

    Here it is: "server=server;database=master;uid=sa;pwd=xxxx"
    I am connecting to another server on the network. I know my uid and pwd are correct, and that sql server is installed and running on that server. My project is in VB.net, not sure if that makes a difference.

    I saw this link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/328306, but I don't think it should be this difficult. I know I've got it to work before without having to configure DSNs or something like that.
    Any suggestions?


    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/aspdotnet/26777.html

  20. Some Jobs

    Date: 01/20/05 (IT Professionals)    Keywords: rss, technology, database, web

    If any of you are looking for jobs, check out International Legal Technology Association's Available Positions webpage.

    I work for a law firm as a database administrator and I really enjoy it. The company I work for has been around for over 100 years and they are really great with benefits. In short, law firm tech jobs can rock.

    Some of the jobs listed are...
    Database Administrator - Cleveland, OH
    Desktop/Network Support Analyst - San Diego, CA
    Application Developer - Los Angeles, CA
    Senior Network Engineer - New York, NY

    It's updated almost daily. I asked them for an RSS feed but haven't heard back :|

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/itprofessionals/1842.html

  21. SQL authoring tool...

    Date: 02/25/05 (WebDesign)    Keywords: database, sql

    Has anyone ever used this? And, if so, with any success?

    Aqua Data Studio is a database query and administration tool that allows developers to easily create, edit, and execute SQL scripts, as well as browse and visually modify database structures. Aqua Data Studio provides an integrated database environment with a single consistent interface to all major relational databases. This allows the database administrator or developer to tackle multiple tasks simultaneously from one application.


    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/webdesign/814970.html

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