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    Date: 03/01/05 (IT Professionals)    Keywords: sql

    My business is currently using Veritas Backup Exec for Windows for all of our tape based backups. due to some recent licensing issues, we're looknig at an alternative to Veritas. I'm brand new to backup exec, so I don't have enough knowledge to ask correct questions, or make a decent comparison.
    My big concerns are the following:

    remote management/monitoring. I've got about 45 servers that I want to keep an eye on w/o having to touch each or remote into each
    remote backups. I'd love to be able to backup 15 or so servers to a single system with tape drive/library
    SQL agent/backup. I've got a ton of SQL servers that I'm backing up, and I can't take them offline.

    I've looked at Dantz Retrospect, Tivoli, and Livestate Recovery from Symantec, so far.. LSR is disk based, so that's out of the question. anybody have experience with the above, or any others that they could recommend?

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