Trouble Loading Firefox

    Date: 03/13/05 (Mozilla)    Keywords: spyware

    I've been using Firefox for a while now without any trouble. Then last night I go to open it up and I get an error.

    I have no trouble opening IE (which I am now begrudgingly using), but I still can't open Firefox even after running Spyware Doctor and Ad-Aware. However, on both programs it gets stuck at a certain file. Ad-Aware freezes up and won't go past it and Spyware Doctor stops scanning at that point. However, with Spyware Doctor I was able to delete all of the infected files up until that point. I've tried to manually delete the file that Ad-Aware got hung up on, but I can't because it's "in use" even after closing out of every running program in Windows. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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