Features I'd Like To See (Anyone know if they exist?)

    Date: 07/27/05 (Mozilla)    Keywords: seo, apache

    One easy, one hard.

    1) Sounds for various Firefox events. You know, starting with the basics like a click when you select a link - ala IE. Perhaps a light tick when you mouseover a link, then a solid click when you select it. Possibly other sound events, user configurable of course. Is there an addon that I can use to add this?

    Next, a bit harder. I was thinking - how can I visualize my frequently visited bookmarks in some other way than simply a toolbar? How can I combine this with the concept of a customised homepage? I run Apache on my local system to give myself a custom homepage, but that doesn't seem to give me a lot of options as I'm not an advanced programmer. So, feature 2:

    2) Bookmark "Gallery View".... This would be sortof like the multi-surf on TV sets where you can see a 4x4 grid of channels, so you can see 16 at a time, see what's on all of them, either select one or go to the next 16. I'd love to see this in FireFox. I would see a grid of "thumbnails" of my most frequently visited bookmarks. Maybe 3x2 would work best. It could either be images of the page, or could actually be frames, but either way it would be a *live* thumbnail. That way I could see at a glance which one had updates. The pages would be scaled down so I could see more than just the top corner, and you'd click it (or a button below) for a full-sized version.

    Anyone know of such addons/utilities?

    (EDIT): Here's a link to a mockup a guy did that basically gives the idea of what I'm asking for: Bookmarks Gallery View. As far as I can tell, it's just a mockup. Plus, I'd like to see it take advantage of broadband and actually load the pages live for the thumbnail (only 4 at a time on-screen for example, to prevent slamming your whole list)...

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/mozilla/301399.html

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