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    Date: 02/15/05 (Mozilla)    Keywords: no keywords

    I have Thunderbid 1.0 running on windows XP SP2 and I have all of my email in there for all my email accounts and well Thunderbird just crashed. I restarted thunderbird after the crash and it kept telling me to run chkdsk to fix the iessue however chkdsk did not do anything with fixing my thunderbird files. IN addition when I restarted all o fmy email accounts were delted, all of my folders were deleted and now I have NOTHING! I restarted the PC and that did not fix my issue. I did system resotre to and that did not fix it either. NO I was stupid and I have never backed up my email. Yes I may be shot now, however I never thought to back up my email. mea culpa. I have emails in there that I NEED.

    ::EDIT:: I do have my email set up to save the last seven days in my inbox on their respective servers however this does nto cover the emails taht I need. IN addition it does ntohing for my sent mail.


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