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    Date: 05/10/07 (MySQL Communtiy)    Keywords: php, mysql, software, database, sql, postgresql, web, linux

    I am currently working on 2 great jobs for Linux-loving database folk.

    1-MySQL and PHP software engineer in PA near Philly (NE). This is for a young software co founded by a guru who had already built another company. He wants hot programmers who will grow with the company. He currently is looking for a Sr person as well as 1-2 junior folk.

    1- Linux DBA in Utah - a company with several websites and millions of pageviews and transactions/day. Needs both senior and junior database tuners to keep their PostgreSQL DBS running smoothly. Every millisecond counts. He will take people w/ MySQL and Linux admin and perl  background for the junior position. Full benefits, great work and flexible working conditions, and powder days!

    My email is on my info page if you want to pass this on. Thanks!


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