insert + enum

    Date: 01/09/05 (MySQL Communtiy)    Keywords: php, mysql, sql

    hey everyone, my name is Phil. i started learning PHP in september and about a month ago started learning mysql and how the two work together.

    i have a question regarding the enum data type. any time i try to create a table which has a field which i'd like to specify as enum, i get a syntax error. i've checked the manual and am not sure what i'm doing wrong. here's an example:

    create table records(record_id int auto_increment, user varchar(50) not null, status enum("open","closed"), primary key(record_id));

    what i've ended up having to do is create the first half of the table, then put in each of the enum fields one at a time, then do the rest. could someone tell me what i'm doing wrong?



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