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    Date: 06/29/10 (PHP Development)    Keywords: php, xml

    So this one will probably make all the XML experts squirm and itch inside, but i need to ask so my apologies upfront.

    I was wondering if anyone could point me to some online resources where I can learn to manipulate xml data.

    I currently have a .xml document with all the data in that i need, and want to construct php classes and functions to break down the data into relevant variables that i can then display in a php file.

    I can already tell you will all be screaaming "learnit from the start!!!", but I need somewhere that will help me focus on identifying the data needed, accessing the right categiory or sub category for the data, and pulling it out into a variable. Whenever I look at xml stuff, i get frustrated coz it feels liek a familiar code but i'm missing bits of knowledge that stop me from really getting to grips with it :(

    let the flaming begin, lol.

    Source: http://php-dev.livejournal.com/83799.html

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