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    Date: 08/16/09 (PHP Development)    Keywords: database, shopping

    Does anyone have any experience of installing paypal express on a custom built shopping cart? i'm getting absolutely nowhere and and starting to lose the will to live :( Is there any kind sole willing to have a look at the code for me? maybe even correct it, test it, make it work? for a little bit of cash? None of the online tutorials i've found make any sense :/

    I've got a business account set up and have the API details, and i have a sandbox account with API details. The express button is on the checkout page and takes me to paypal sandbox. but it doesn't seem to be taking the order details through with it. I also need the site to update the database to say payment has been received and the order should be shipped to the paypal address.

    Anyone feeling helpful and kind? :) pretty please? I need this doing as sooon as possible.

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