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    Date: 01/12/05 (See my site)    Keywords: software, css, web

    I am not a developer. I repeat: I am not a developer. My brain's so fried I can't even remember what I learned about CSS.

    Neither am I a designer. I just do a hell of a lot of stuff on the Web poking about. I'm a writer.

    Right now I'm testing Flooble Chatterbox on two different pages. I beg you, beg, beg, cry, crawl, plead with you to drop by either of the following pages (or both if you're just a really generous soul) and say hello in the chatterboxes on the pages.

    If you want to, leave a URL to the favorite webpage/site you've designed or your journal.

    Real Life vs. The Internet

    or "Wired!"

    I tried to use Shoutbox at first for this, but it wouldn't load consistently. That bugged me. If anyone knows of a better program, please tell me. Also, if anyone knows of good, easy to administrate forum software, I'd be happy to know that too.

    Thank you so much.


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