Revolutionary PayPal Zip Technology To Save The Music Industry

    Date: 01/11/09 (Software)    Keywords: ecommerce, web, shopping

    The Retail Zip Company has announced the release of the Retail Zip Format-as-a-Service (FaaS) for Windows and Mac OS X computer systems.

    Retail Zip is a turn-key ecommerce powered zip format that combines the familiar user interface of a zip program with built-in online storage from Amazon Web Services and a PayPal shopping cart. Unlike other zip formats that archive data on a hard drive inside a compressed container, Retail Zip archives uncompressed data onto secure online servers located in USA or Europe, reducing the zip file size to less than 1 kilobyte per package.

    E-Commerce is embedded for 18 currencies with PayPal, allowing sellers to charge buyers for the privilege to extract digital goods. Extending the power of the payment system is a patented enhancement that can divide the sum of a payment to multiple partners and affiliates at the point-of-sale of a transaction.

    To create a bridge between online content delivery and physical retail, the format utilizes the KodeKey Password System. KodeKeys are unique pin codes that can be generated and assigned to Retail Zip packages for digital distribution with Variable Data Print (VDP) media, such as paper inserts, flyers, and plastic gift cards.

    Until now, setting up digital products on web servers designed to handle millions of downloads was an expensive and confusing task for sellers looking for a PayPal alternative to iTunes. By integrating the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services, Kordor has ensured that sellers can handle an unlimited amount of simultaneous sales with automatic scaling web servers and bandwidth.


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