MSSQL scares me

    Date: 09/08/05 (SQL Server)    Keywords: mysql, database, sql, postgresql, web, linux, microsoft

    (my background)
    Using MySQL and PostgreSQL on FreeBSD and Linux machines
    (the problem)
    I have four databases (actually MDF and LDF files) from a client. They want to know if they can extract data from the four databases by year and place them in to individual databases. This sounds ok, but I am new to Microsoft's SQL server. I sacrificed one of my personal dev machines and installed 2k3 Enterprise and 2000 SQL server. Created new databases with the same name as the files and then replaced the new files with the original ones from the client. Super.
    Now what?

    Again my background is in the command line/web front end so I am running a little blind. What is the simplest way to see the data in each database? What are some _quality_ sites I can read (because googling information you have no idea about takes time to filter out the bs).


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