This is rather odd...

    Date: 12/22/04 (SQL Server)    Keywords: sql

    Generic question, because you really don't want to read all the code. It's a lot of code. Really. A lot of code.

    I've got a bunch of small pieces of T-SQL code in SQL Server 2000 that all go together to make one big procedure. (Actually, part of one big procedure-- it's not quite done yet.) When I run the first thirty parts together, they take about seventeen minutes, and I collectively think of them as part one. The second part takes five and a half minutes. The third part takes thirty seconds. The tables involved run from about 400k to one million records, so I'm not dealing with massive tables or anything. Everything's indexed well, etc. And when I run them separately, they all run quite quickly, and everyone's happy.

    When I try to put them all together in one procedure, be it in a stored procedure, a Query Analyzer window, or a "SQL Command" DTS package step, they start running... and never stop. Well, they may stop at one point, but I stopped it running after twnty-five hours and forty-eight minutes.

    Anyone seen anything like this before?


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