Move my databases for comics?

    Date: 08/17/06 (Web Development)    Keywords: oscommerce, database, web

    Hello all of you geniuses.

    I am currently trying to switch servers from an atrocious one to dreamhost, which I have heard good things about. I have my account set up and am in the process of moving files. Simple, right?

    Well, I am also moving an OScommerce store and a wordpress blog. I've managed to export my databases but that's where I'm stuck. Despite multiple wikis and support pages I just can't do this. I have run into brick wall after brick wall after brick wall, and I think it is just over my head. It is also somewhat of a time sensitive issue, as we run a few sites and a business off our web space and we've already been down/not updating for a week now. Even if i could figure out how to import these (I did manage to export them... I think...) I certainly wouldn't know how to test them to make sure they're working correctly before setting up the new DNSes and going live. Since I will hopefully never have to do this again, I'd like to just find someone to help me out with this and get it over with.

    Remember that business I was talking about? We run a comic book publishing company, and for your trouble of moving two databases for me, I will send you a big box of really awesome comics and graphic novels by some of the coolest artists and writers you've (n)ever heard of. You will also receive my ETERNAL GRATITUDE.

    Sound like a good deal?

    Drop me a line at
    or AIM me at: well read robot

    I will relinquish passwords and you will help me and I will be happy and send you comics and the world will be a better place. Ideally I'd like to take care of this tonight or tomorrow.


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