Selling PDFs

    Date: 03/29/05 (Web Development)    Keywords: php, security, google, shopping

    I've got a client who wants to sell prepared legal forms online in PDF format. I have a site model in PHP, an extremely simple shopping cart through PayPal, and Acrobat 5 professional. I've never done it before, and I'd really not like to go into this blind. Google hasn't pulled up anything in the way of specific tutorials. There are only three relatively small files that need to be sold.

    It'd be easy enough to, say, redirect the user upon payment or e-mail the link to a document, but this also necessitates changing the link to the document with every download so it doesn't get shared. I know PHP has PDF generation and temp file capacities, but I've never worked with them. We were also looking into PDF security, but I also have no experience with this.

    Anyway, I'd like any tips you might have on the matter.


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