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    Date: 07/22/14 (Web Development)    Keywords: google

    At work we are having a discussion about Google Analytics referencing information by page titles and URL changes (where the node id turns into the permalink we specify).
    If you add a minor correction to the title of a Drupal page, GA will treat it as a new page and start the counter all over again.
    If the person in charge of doing the reports is not aware of the title changes, it will mess up her reports.

    Is it possible to track GA information by Drupal node id's? Most systems will track by ID by default, but maybe there are some configurations that need to be completed in GA or Drupal before you can do that?

    We are considering implementing a procedure where titles and URLs are finalized even before the page is published, but this seems like really poor practice in my opinion because clients will still come back with title changes, or will ask to re-use the same page year after year with new content on it. There must be some other solution!

    Any help you provide would be greatly appreciated.


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