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    Date: 10/05/12 (Web Development)    Keywords: web, google

    I have to validate pages for web content accessibility standards, and I have to explain to the client why in certain cases having a radio button is more acceptable than a checkbox; but I can't seem to find anything to back this up.

    The website form uses labels, and is created by the client with some of the following options:

    Gender: Female: [] Male: []

    Languages spoken: English: [] French: [] Both: []

    The page does not validate server-side because the idea is you're supposed to fill out the form and click the "Print" button at the bottom, then send. Why they didn't create a fillable form in Adobe is beyond me, but that is the not the point right now...

    I do not think there is anything in the WCAG standards about using checkboxes or radio buttons but it seems this is often overlooked by web publishers. But if someone helps me find some good information to bring forward to the client, then that should be enough evidence to change the form.

    I tried doing a google search but I don't think I am choosing the search words, or something...so please help me out


    Source: http://webdev.livejournal.com/581821.html

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