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    Date: 05/18/05 (Web Development)    Keywords: php, mysql, browser, html, sql, java, tracker

    I'm trying to create a javascript click tracker, but I'm having a problem. The setup is very simple so I'll just give the code.


    A Link

    tracker.php simply inserts the url of the link into mysql.

    The problem is very strange. Everything works fine if the files served from my local machine. If I upload it to the server things get weird. It doesn't work with firefox from my office (3 different machines and 3 different versions), but it works with firefox from every other place (home, friends, etc). It works fine with IE and Konqueror. Note: I did change localhost in the js function to the proper value for the server. It works if I go directly to the URL that's in the javascript so it seems that that line isn't exucted by my local firefox browsers. Does anyone have an ideas on this? Is there a free click tracker script that any of you know of? (free as in I can see the code)


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