Possible web development job/need to learn PHP

    Date: 07/23/05 (Web Development)    Keywords: php, mysql, sql, web

    Yesterday I had an interview at a great web design firm here. The interview went great, and I'm going back in on Tuesday for a second interview. One of the only things that was a "negative mark" for me was that I don't know how to code in PHP (I know, I know..."get with the times dumbass!"), however, I learn incredibly fast and I decided after the interview that I would make sure I have a solid understanding of the language before I go into the second interview on Tuesday.

    I spent all day yesterday reading books and web sites about PHP and MySQL and I'm already able to write relatively simple scripts without relying on references. What I'm looking for now are web sites that have something more intermediate that I could try my hand at (as opposed to the basic lessons most websites give...which are typically based around the same concepts). I've found that I usually learn better when I get the basics of a language down and then jump into stuff a bit over my head...struggling makes me try harder and helps things stick in my head.

    Anyone know of a website or two with good, advanced PHP lessons?

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/webdev/224748.html

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