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    Date: 07/28/05 (Web Development)    Keywords: css, xml, java, web

    So I'm working on an internal Sharepoint site portfolio. The type of usability that I had in mind is that someone can upload a project with text entries for the objective, what they learned, and related links.

    Also, for a user to be able to (and I may be dreaming):

    • upload thumbnails of their screenshots.
    • how to universally alter a navigational dropdown so if you add a link, you don't have to individually alter each webpage (can this be done without frames?).
    • to deface the normal look of sharepoint.

    I need someone to explain to me the basics, though. I'm a web designer and not a developer, and my skills are extremely limited. For example, I don't know what can be put in CSS, whether it's just fonts and margins, or whether you can put automated code that would auto-update the links in a dropdown universally.

    I also don't necessarily know when I should use Java or XML, etc... Please don't be afraid to dumb it down. I need refreshers on almost everything.

    Any help that you could give me in the form of explanations or links would be greatly appreciated.


    • What is the correct procedure for making this type of usability?
    • Is it possible to integrate a thumbnail uploader into a sharepoint site? Would you have to use something other than sharepoint's engine?
    • How customizable are the graphics in a Sharepoint site if you're not dealing with site definitions?
    • Other helpful info:

    Thank you for all your help!

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