Search Engine Marketing/Optimization

    Date: 08/16/05 (Web Development)    Keywords: software, technology, web, seo

    Today is my second day working at a web development company and I discovered that I am going to be "heading-up" one of the services we offer, which is search engine marketing/optimization. The owner of the company has asked me to re-think the process they have been using for this in the past because it's become outdated (using the same method for 6 years when you're dealing with technology is way too long).

    Do any of you have any websites, programs, or methods for search engine optimization/marketing that would be worth looking into?

    The program that we are using for SEO is called Web Position Gold 2. If you know anything about this program, what are your opinions as far as how it compares to other SEO systems? The version we are running is somewhat old, and one of my options is to upgrade to the newest version (Web Position Gold 3 Platinum), but if there is better software out there I would like to look into that.


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