Finding the "Right Sized" Store/Admin

    Date: 05/17/07 (WebDesign)    Keywords: php, oscommerce, web, shopping

    I realize questions have been asked frequently about online webstore/shopping cart sources. I've checked out both oscommerce and zen cart, and they both seem great, but oscommerce is far too bloated with features for the limited functionality I need, and zen cart doesn't seem to support the payment gateways I'd like.

    Does someone have a recommendation for a vary basic web store? It's for a site for an artist/licensor who would like to sell some of her published items on her own site. It is not primarily a webstore, and the store part will function as a hybrid gallery/store.

    Basically, here's all I need, no more no less:

    - Customizable (to intergrate with existing site)
    - An admin area that enables the client to add or remove products on her own
    - Capability for about 30 items for sale (that's all)
    - I would prefer to have a payment gateway for standard credit card processing and paypal, but mostly standard credit card processing (which, from what I can gather, zen cart does not offer)
    - Integrated checkout (not one that takes you to a gateway's checkout page)

    That's really all I need. It's really simple and low on features. What should I be looking at?
    I have a very basic knowledge of php -- can't write it but can work my way around pre-written php.


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