embedding fonts on livejournal

    Date: 11/10/11 (WebDesign)    Keywords: no keywords

    I've spent a lot of time knowing the ins and outs of my lj theme 'tranquility ii'. One of the things I have never been able to figure out is how to embed a font from my own personal font library so that that anybody viewing my blog will see my entries with my selected font, regardless whether they have a copy of it on their computer.


    The font in question here is called Chandler, a vintage typewriter style font. From what I understand, embedding requires that a true type font be used. Is there a quick and easy way to convert a bitmap font to the required format? If so, would I be pursuing this objective in vain seeing as I don't know where to begin to embed a font for my livejournal entries?

    Source: https://webdesign.livejournal.com/1586836.html

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