Date: 05/22/18 (WebDesign)    Keywords: web, hosting

    Do you have a website? If yes, then you have a hosting plan too. either it's shared hosting with limited bandwidth or a VPS plan. If you have a VPS hosting plan then you are already paying a lot of money for that. How nice would be that if an image hosting plan could save your shared hosting's bandwidth and you don't have any further need to buy expensive VPS plans?

    Yes, there are many free images hosting websites are available on the internet where you can upload your images and embed them to your websites to save your precious bandwidth to a large extent.

    Someone said images say more than 1000 words and I think you won't deny that quote. But the problem is, images and videos are the most bandwidth sucking form of content. As their size is quite larger than a text content they consume most of the bandwidth of your hosting plans.

    And, ironically users like these form of content most. These form of content can't be forbidden today. Rather, the truth is, they are the most liked form of content on the internet.

    So, I came today with 11 free image hosting sites to help you run your website successfully without any downtime.


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